14 Clear Signs She Wants To Kiss You Hard

Girls normally don’t give strong signs, when they do give them, they are really hard to detect. If you miss those signs, you’ll miss a lot of things. That’s why in this post, I’m gonna share “14 Clear Signs That She Wants To Kiss You” so that you won’t miss the golden opportunity.

But before I begin, all the things that I’m about to mention are all from my personal experience and the research I did online. I mean it doesn’t guarantee success.

So now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: She Looks At Your Lips When you Talk

This is the clearest way to tell that she really wants to kiss you. Girls only stare at someone’s lips when they find the person really attractive.

So if you caught her staring at your lips when you’re talking to her. Understand that she wants something new tonight.

However, before you go for a kiss, check whether your lips are clean or not because if they aren’t clean, she might be looking at them because she found your lips dirty. Or maybe your lips need some balm. So be double sure before taking action like this.

2: She Looks Into Your Eyes With Emotions

If she looks into your eyes whenever you talk to her, it could mean she has a deeper connection with you. She is not just an ordinary friend.

Notice how she looks at other men and notice the difference. if you detect a major difference, then it indicates, that she loves when you talk to her and she is ready for a kiss.

Plus, if she is sounding sensual and looking into your eyes, go for a kiss bro, she has a deep attraction towards you.

3: She Doesn’t Mind When You Touch Her

If she isn’t showing any negative signs when you touch her neck, face, waist, or legs, then it means she is comfortable with you and trusts you a lot. She is open to you and likes when you touch her.

It is also a great indication, that if you go for a kiss, she won’t stop you. Again, only go for a kiss when you are 100% sure because if she denies kissing you, it will be a big embarrassment.

Look at her body signs when you touch her. Does she feel uncomfortable or shake her body or suddenly look at you? These are some negative signs, if you see signs like these, stop, it’s not the correct time to kiss her.


4: She Laughs At Your Unfunny Jokes

She will find you hilarious, even though you are not. You’ll notice a big smile on her face. That smile will tell how much she is enjoying her time with you.

If she is touching you while laughing and making a strong eye connection, then it’s a golden time to kiss her. Take action, nobody will take action on your behalf.

5: She Touches You

The touch should not be normal. I think you’re mature enough to distinguish between a friendly touch and a sensual touch.

Touching is not normal, it shows she likes you, however, touching parts like thighs, neck, and chest is generally not friendly. It means she being naughty.

If you find her touching you intentionally, you take a step further and kiss her.

6: She Stands Very Close To You

Coming really close to your body while talking could mean that she has found you really attractive. Laughing, touching, and reducing the gaps screams that she wants to engage with you s*xually, take the opportunity and kiss her.

7: She Compliments You A Lot

Does she compliment you on your lips, eyes, or hair? Receiving compliments from girls feel great, but receiving compliments about eyes and lips hits differently.

Also, if she is flirting a lot more than usual, it is another great sign that she wants to taste your lips today. Come close to her, if she doesn’t go back or doesn’t resist, touch her and take action (kiss her).

But if she does show negative signs like backing off or shielding herself from her hands, she is not ready, now go back and behave normally.

8: She Can’t Stop Biting Her Lips

Women normally do this when they are sexually attracted to someone. They become so much turned on that they begin to bite their own lip, lol it sounds weird, but that’s a body psychology fact for you.

If you find her looking at you while biting her lips, it may be the right time to kiss her.

9: She Hugs You Tightly

Is her grip is getting stronger and stronger day by day? A tight hug means you’re really close to her heart. However, this could have another meaning as well, she might be feeling horny right now.

If she kisses you on your neck while hugging you or pulling your hair, be something magical is about to happen. She is in a mood right now, again take action before this moment passes.

10: She Flirts With You In Texts

Women generally don’t flit with men unless they find them really pretty. So if she is flirting with you, it means you look damn attractive to her.

Tell her how much you like her, and ask if she wants to come on a date with you. You too have to flirt with her to make the conversation a little more interesting.

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11: She Touches Your Hair

Pulling hair or touching them without any reason, is another great indicator that she is attracted to you. Touch her hair too, and show her that you’re in a mood too. If her response is positive. You can take the advantage of the moment.

12: Her Body Will Show Some Unusual Signs

She will show signs that you’ve never seen. She will come close to you, she will touch and most importantly she will constantly gaze at your lips and eyes. These body signs might be a little overwhelming for you if you’re seeing them for the first time. Be relaxed, let her do what she wanna do, and do not behave awkwardly. Otherwise, she might get turned off.

13: She Will Gives A Submissive Look

She will give you her best submissive look that will melt your heart and force you to kiss her. Women generally show themself as submissive when they are really turned on by you.

14: She Will Try To Seduce You

Touching, laughing, smiling at you, biting lips, and coming close are all signs that she is trying to seduce you. Be confident Let her do whatever she is doing, show a positive response, and don’t try to ruin her mood if you really wanna a kiss from her.

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