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What People Are Saying

Just in time to save the day.

For two days up until I read this email, I hadn’t heard from my girlfriend which is a tad unusual, especially as she is off on Thursday nights through the weekend. Yet, it didn’t seem to bother me seeing as I didn’t even miss her. Then this morning, it dawned on me that she could be feeling as indifferent just as much or even a little bit more than myself since she did not bother calling me.

So when I read your email this morning, I was like “That’s it … indifference… ” So I called her thereafter and tried to shake things up a little bit and now I is picked her up after work to spend the night at my place.

Thank you very much, coach. Please keep it coming.
Jay S

Oh.my.gosh it worked!

One afternoon of solid reading, I’ve put it into practice and the effects are phenomenal! You truly have saved our relationship and, while it is only a week later, we are already going from strength to strength. And we both see a wonderful future ahead of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Sebastine P.

I’m so glad I saw your ad.

Everything you say in your notes makes so much sense. Why don’t we all know this intuitively? I appreciate the coaching up. Your information has inspired me to strive for the life and relationship I have wanted for so long but did not have the courage to seek.

Thank you!
Shantel D

Your research and advice was invaluable.

My boyfriend has changed from being distant and too busy to see me – and now the opposite is true.

I kept being patient for ages. Then I read the section about not bottling it all up, fuming inside. Instead I told him by text how I felt – in a nice way, full of compliments.

He immediately asked to see me, he couldn’t wait!

We had a lovely time, and I listened well, talked a bit, following your guidance on the power and beauty of silence.

I could write a lot more, but for now, I just want to say thank you, thank you x 100!