Beta Male TraitsBeta Male Traits

You would be surprised to know that 90% of men are beta. Yes, you heard it right!

Around 6 months back someone called me “don’t behave like a beta male”, I got confused because I had never heard of the term “beta male” before, Yes I was aware of Alpha males.

But I always wanted to know what makes an alpha male different than a beta male.

Finally, after learning about beta males and their characteristics, I’m here with a list of 7 things that you must avoid if you don’t want the world to call you a beta.

Here are some of the Beta Mail Traits you must avoid!

1: Procrastination

Procrastination under Gen- z and the millennial generation is not slowing down, in fact, with the help of social media, procrastination is spreading its legs even faster.

However, those who have an alpha and sigma mindset, know what it takes to fight procrastination. If you are someone who doesn’t complete his goals and always loses to his procrastinated mindset.

Well, it’s highly likely that you are one of the betas.

However, defeating procrastination is not impossible. There is one tool that can help you, and the tool is nonother than your phone.

Yes, one hand your phone can destroy your life as it has many entertaining things to hook you from, but on the other hand, it can help you with many fantastic videos and blog articles that can give your life a new direction.

Using technology for betterment can turn your life around quickly. You can be an alpha as well, in fact, everyone can, but for that, you have to use technology in a good way.

2: Working Under Someone

Doesn’t matter what type of male you are, we all have worked under someone at some stage in our life. However, the thing about alpha males is that they don’t like to work under someone for a longer period of time.

Once they have a decent amount of money in their bank account, they are ready to take risks. They are ready to set up something on their own.

Because alphas are leaders, they don’t want someone else to have control over them. They like to control people. But betas are not like that, they are comfortable working for someone. They let people control them.

Some betas spend their whole life working for a company. If you are also comfortable working under someone, it is highly likely that you have a beta mindset.

Never give a company 20 or 30 years of your life. It’s way too much. In 30 years, you can literally build an empire. It’s a long amount of time.

3: Fearing Love of Rejection

Dealing with a love failure is hard. It’s hard for not only beta males, but it’s also challenging for both alpha and sigma. However, the reason why Alphas and Sigmas are different than Betas is that they don’t live in past.

Alphas and Sigmas move on quickly because they know that thinking about their love rejection for a longer period of time is not gonna do any benefit to them.

While betas give importance to their past a lot. They struggle to get over the pain they got after the rejection. In fact, they still hope something magical happens and they get their love back.

Betas listen to their heart more than their heads and that’s why they never live a satisfied and happy life.

Are you too struggling to move on from the pain you got after your breakup or rejection? If yes, it might mean that you are a beta.

Stop caring about the person who showed you a middle finger when you needed them the most! F*ck them! Move On!

4: Beta Males Don’t Raise Questions

Beta males don’t question. They just work!

Even if they are feeling bad, uncomfortable, sad, etc, they won’t question. In fact, they won’t do anything to change their position. They will just wait for it to end soon.

While alphas like to question things. If they are feeling something is wrong, they will be the first ones to point it out. They don’t wait for anyone to take action. They are the leaders and that’s why they believe it’s their responsibility to take action first.

Alphas don’t have a sheep mentality. They don’t get impressed easily as well. If you believe that you also have this same mindset, well congrats as you could be one of the alphas!

5: Using Phone All The Time

Beta males prefer staying in their homes watching stupid videos over going outside, meeting new people, and enjoying their lives.

The phone is literally their life. They love using social media all the time, in fact, they follow hundreds of models and simp over them.

You should not use your phone for more than an hour a day if it’s not important. Giving more than an hour to your phone is stupid, it tells that you don’t have anything to achieve in your life.

The data suggest that the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day. This number is sadly growing.

However, breaking phone addiction is insanely difficult as companies are putting millions of dollars to make their apps engaging. It’s literally you vs companies worth billions of dollars.

But Alphas as I said like to take challenges. They don’t fall for the traps these companies have set. Alpha males know how lethal phone addiction can be for their careers. That’s why they prefer to stay a million miles away from their phone.

They use their phone only when it’s really important! Be like them!

6: Watching XXX Rated Videos

If you are using your phone for more than an hour a day, then use it for betterment, but betas don’t understand this. They use their device for things that can make them even weaker.

Most betas are P*rn addicts. They spend their time hunting for the wildest of videos to satisfy cravings.

Xxx videos are bad for both physical and mental health, but betas don’t understand that. They watch it every day and neglect their health.

For alphas, xxx videos are time wasters. They don’t fall for it, instead, they like to spend their time in a gym lifting weights and making themselves stronger than yesterday.

7: Beta Males Are Sheep

Beta males get influenced easily, they don’t research and try to find out whether the thing they have been following is true or not. They just look at the masses and start following.

Alpha males like to check the facts first. They never believe something instantly. They listen to everyone but do what they believe is right!

Now let’s look at some QnA:

Is Beta Male Introvert?

Yes, most betas are introvert. Beta males like to spend their whole day inside their room watching Netflix, xxx videos, and simping over hot models.

They hate spending time outside meeting new people and growing their friend circle. Overall, they like being miserable.

Is Beta Male Powerful?

No, they are not who told you this? They are miserable, they never raise questions, and they like to spend their lives working for someone.

Alpha males are powerful as they have a leadership mindset. They like to control things and they hate it when someone tries to control them. They are the kings of their worlds!

Do Girls Like Alpha Males?

Yes, most females find alpha males insanely attractive it is because they don’t fall for women easily. Alpha males are different, they are the leaders, and they know what it takes to charm people. And, that’s why females find alpha males irresistible!

That’s it guys, I hope you find something valuable today!

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