Do Girls Find Gray Hair Attractive? (Decoding The Truth)

My hair started turning gray during my freshman year of college, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time because no one really freaks out when they see one or two grey hairs on their head.

After some time, however, I decided to pluck those two grey hairs since I felt that if someone noticed them, they could find them to be very unsightly.

But I began to notice more and more grey hair and that decision of mine plucking hair, ended very badly.

I freaked out and started searching for why does this happen. I found that there are multiple causes why hair turns grey, but the main causes are genetics, age, stress, and diet.

Given that I was only 18 years old at the time, age was most definitely not the cause of my gray hair. The fact that my father’s hair is also quite dark or brownish proves that genetics were not the cause.

I, therefore, left with stress and diet. To increase the health of my hair and stop the graying process, I started eating a balanced diet and practicing regular meditation.

I also started looking into whether or not women notice and detest grey hair. I wasn’t getting an honest response that I can rely on.

I, therefore, made the decision to find out what my female friends thought of grey hair by asking them. Here is what I found!

Do Women Like Men With Grey Or White Hair?

I’ll be honest with you; there is no single answer that applies to all women. When it comes to selecting a partner for themselves, every woman has distinct preferences.

Grey hair is not particularly attractive to younger ladies, especially when it is on younger males, I found out.

Women who are a little older—say, over 30—find a little gray hair appealing on men because it denotes maturity and experience.

I also discovered that women don’t really care much about your hair color because they are more interested in other qualities like your confidence, wealth, facial features, and how well-maintained your body is.

Therefore, if your hair is beginning to turn gray, don’t panic. It’s true that you should take action to stop it, especially if you are under 30, but if it’s just a little bit, you shouldn’t start to feel anxious because it could lower your confidence.

Instead, pay attention to other parts of your life, such as your finances, confidence, and physical appearance, since if you possess these qualities, no woman will find you unappealing.

Do Women Notice Grey Hair?

Unfortunately, women notice gray hair; in fact, males notice gray hair as well; however, this does not indicate that a woman will think you are unappealing simply because you have gray hair.

Women do notice gray hair, but they disregard it if you have other traits to exhibit. For example, if you have a great sense of style or a beautiful face, women will ignore your gray hair because they’ll admire your fashion sense or facial structure more.

Do Girls Like Grey Facial Hair?

According to a report, 72% of women find grey facial hair attractive, but when I asked some of my female friends aged between 18 to 27, they gave me a negative response.

They stated that while a little bit of grayness is nice, a completely gray beard may give off fatherly sensations.

A small bit of gray hair on the beard is attractive because it indicates maturity, but a beard full of gray hair makes a person appear to be much older than they are.

However, even if the man has a lot of gray in his beard, he could still appear good if he has a wonderful figure and a better face shape.

Do Grey Hair Guys Receive Dates?

Of course, they do—I’ve witnessed many of my gray-haired friends dating attractive women. Your qualities and level of self-confidence are everything.

You might never get dates if you start disliking yourself because you have grey hair since confidence is essential. Be proud of who you are, and never criticize yourself because doing so gradually lowers your self-confidence, even if you don’t see it right away.

A wise guy once stated, “Chase money, chicks will chase you,” so work on improving yourself and putting more emphasis on money than on females.

What Color Hair Looks Best On Men?

According to a survey, women regard males with brunette hair to be the most attractive.

Blonde was placed second, but then again, if you have other traits, your hair color may not matter to a woman since women do not choose a mate solely on hair color; they choose a partner based on how much value they possess.

The more valuable you are, the more attractive you will be to women.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!