hairy hands

Hairy hands are quite common in grown men, most of the time, we ignore these hairs because we think nobody notices them.

Is it true that nobody notices our hand hair? What do girls think about them? Well, we’ll find the answer here in this post. I will also share some tips that will help you.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Do Girls Like Hairy Hands?

Well, the answer is not that simple. All girls are different, however, after doing some research online and asking my girl friends. I found out that women generally don’t notice them unless they are bushy.

So if your hand’s hair is as normal like everybody else, you’re good to go. Nobody will point them out, however, if your hairs are way too long, you can try waxing them.

Waxed hair, on one hand, looks clean and shows your hands muscles more, and on the other hand, hairy hands look manly and make you feel mature.

It is totally up to you, if you wanna shave them your can, if you don’t wanna shave them, that’s okay as well. But from the women’s perspective, they don’t really about your hairy hands.

They have other things to notice, like your smile, your confidence, your clothes, your behavior, and many other things.

So don’t give too much attention to your hairy hands, try to improve the qualities that you have, if you really wanna attract girls!

What Do Girls Think About Hairy Hands?

I went on public forums such as Quora, Reddit, Girlsaskguys, etc, to find out what do girls really think of this. The answers really amazed me.


It is hard to say… I don’t know of any one that shaves his hairy hands, but there probably are some people and they’re simply not telling everyone that they’re doing it.

Unless it Actually bothers you, I think you should just stay genuine… you’re a man, you’re permitted to be hairy. Some girls don’t enjoy it, and some do. If you’re alright with it, and it appears like you are because it hasn’t troubled you until this age, then I’d personally convey just keep it.

Hair on the back of the hands and knuckles is usual. Not all men have it, but plenty does, and it doesn’t annoy me to see a friend with hairy hands. If you had hair on your fore hand, I’d tell go shave that right away.. but the back of the hand is usually not such a big deal.

But I think you should listen to some girls’ information on this issue, to notice what they think of hairy hands.

Also, remember that if you do shave your hairy hand, but will still maintain hairy legs/chest/face, it might look strange and unnatural… maybe you can test photoshopping yourself without hand hair and see how you’d look 


I guess shaving your hands would be going a little too far…and it will also look a little bit odd if the remainder of your arm was unshaved. I have the same “issue” with my feet, they make me remind of hobbit feet lol.

But I don’t actually give a damn because I think they look okay. Fact of life- men have hair, And another small fact: Your body hair keeps your unique chemical smell signature which lets other people sense and responds to you.

Companies spend billions of dollars every year we scent through perfumes — trying to make people more appealing to each other. while your own body hair has some pretty strong biological chemical “attractants” of its own.

Plus- since I don’t notice any girls answering this yet- It would be a little screwing around with nature if you make men be more “metrosexual”… its just not naturalistic.


Lol, I love this… personally a man with hairy hands doesn’t worry me. You’re a man it’s completely natural! If you like to shave your hands.. they are your hands go for it! Waxing may be more comfortable… that way you won’t cut a finger off or something  If the hair on your arms actually bothers you too then go on and shave…. it’s YOUR body! 


I think it’s okay it wouldn’t worry me or anyone, I Don’t know, what’s bad with a man having some manly hair? Lol, no one really thinks that. It’s okay don’t worry about it.

And don’t shave your hands with ragers, you’ll end up gaining stubble on them, now THAT would look terrible. If you truly hate it that much, get them waxed, it will stay longer.

Eh. As somebody who isn’t a big fan of body hair, it’s actually not a deal-breaker. You’d be shocked what people get over really, really quickly if they want someone.


I hate feet, for instance. Not phobia-level or anything, but they make me feel ill. Same with body hair. Mine SO has got fuzzy feet (not like hobbit-level or anything, but they’ve got relatively large patches on top), and I’ve never once turned rejected a foot-rub request. I still hate hairy feet, but I’ve especially sat with his feet in my lap, recreating with the little hairs. I don’t even feel about them as “hairy feet” anymore – they’re just part of the individual I love. They’re pretty.

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