Do Girls Find Long Hair On Guys Attractive? (Truth Revealed)

If you have long hair and want to know what girls think about it, well you are at the right place because, in this post, I’ll discuss the emotion that girls feel when they look at long hair.

We’ll also discuss some more interesting points in this post so make sure to read everything to get a complete info. Let’s go!

Do Girls Like Long Hair On Guys?

Yes, the majority of women do find long hair on men attractive, but there is a condition, your hair should look clean and healthy. Rough hair or hair that doesn’t look clean can turn off a woman.

Girls love to run their hands on long hair, it gives them a sexy feeling, and you will be surprised to know that only 2% – 5% of men have long hair. Yes, according to a study, 2%-5% of the adult male population have long hair. That’s only 2-5 out of every 100 guys.

So if you want to appear different than the rest of the men, then don’t cut your hair for some time, let it grow, it might increase your popularity among girls. However, don’t forget to clean them from time to time.

Furthermore, hair is among the first things that girls notice when they meet a guy, so it becomes even more important. Bad hair might give a bad impression, and I know you don’t want this.

There are many great articles and videos about how to make your hair stronger and silkier. (A trusted source) has also published an amazing article in which they have shared some really vital tips about men’s hair care. Read it here!

Also, KamaTv on Youtube asked several women about what type of hair they prefer, long or short, and they got mixed answers from women, however, no woman said anything wrong about long hair.

It indicates that women deeply desire a partner with longer hair. Some women even said that they find long hair sexier.

Why Do Girls Like Long Hair?

Now it’s time to look at the reasons why girls love long hair so much.

1: It’s Rare

In medieval time, men used to have long hair and long beard because it was hard to find a barber, and modern shaving tools wasn’t invented back then. People used to cut their hair with sharp stones, and it was not easy as it can give wounds and scratches on the face.

Now when barbers are available at every corner of the street, and many hi-tech shaving tools are available as well, most men don’t like to keep their hair longer.

Long hair also brings many problems like hair fall and itchy scalp, long hair requires a lot of effort to clean too and that’s why it is hard to find a man with long hair.

If you decided to grow your hair, you can become rare as only 2.5 men out of 100 have longer hair.

Girls love those guys who have something unique to offer. If you feel like you don’t have anything rare, well this could be your chance to become unique, start growing hair today!

2: Face Appear More Symmetrical

According to research, symmetrical faces appear more appealing than asymmetrical ones. However, only a few people get symmetrical faces naturally as it is extremely rare, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your face appear near symmetrical, you just need to add some facial exercises and put some effort to make your hair long and healthy.

It has been observed that longer hair might help in making a face appear symmetrical.

3: Long Hair Look Sexy

Longer hair looks sexy, it’s not me who is saying that, many women believe that man with long hair looks sexier than a man with short or no hair.

However, sexiness doesn’t depend on just one thing, there are a lot of other things that can make a man sexy, like personality, dressing sense, humor, and how rich or famous he is.

But hair does play a significant role and we can’t ignore it.

4: It Looks Creative

Long hair looks artistic, it indicates creativity. Many musicians, painters, actors, and sportsmen have tried longer hair at some stage, it is because it gives an energetic vibe.

5: Clothes Look Better

Your fashion sense is important here. If you have a terrible fashion sense, then the length of your hair won’t help, but if you know how to style well, then long hair would make your attire look even more attractive.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!