Hiding manboobsHiding manboobs

Many studies have been conducted in recent years to determine which male body part women prefer, and the majority of these studies contain one body part, which is “Chest.”

Yes, your chest is one of the most attractive regions of your body. Women notice how well-maintained your chest is, as well as how large or little it is.

If you are chubby, you may be wondering whether women find chubby chests attractive.

So, in this post, I’ll respond to it. So, make sure you read the entire article to get the full picture.

Let’s get this started!

Do Women Like Fat Chests (Manboob)?

I went online and did some research, asked some of my female friends, and watched a lot of videos to get the solution to this question.

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. I discovered that most ladies dislike manboobs and overweight chests. Some ladies have even claimed that it is a major turn-off.

According to one study, seven out of ten women think the “dad bod” is appealing, which suggests that a little bit of fat in the chest area is fine, but if your chest is really chubby and looks like a woman’s chest, there is a problem that has to be addressed.

What Type Of Chest Do Women Like?

So now that we know that women dislike large chests, you might be wondering what kind of chest they like. Let us investigate.

According to one study, women dislike too muscular chests. They prefer athletic chests, and the chest should be large.

Women Don’t Like This…

I think you now understand the ideal chest shape for luring women. However, the chest is merely one of several physical characteristics a man has that attract a woman.

Why Women Don’t Like Fat Chests (Manboobs)?

Now, let’s look at the reason why women don’t like guys with manboobs.

It Shows That You Don’t Care About Your Fitness

Women may not express it much, but when they see a guy with a fat chest or a fat body, they assume he’s lazy or doesn’t exercise.

Men, like women, consider men with manboobs to be lethargic.

However, there is a widespread misperception that manboobs are just the result of being overweight.

Manboobs can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including hormone imbalance, aging, and genetics.

I know it won’t be easy for you to get rid of manboobs, but you have to do something if you want to attract ladies.

Try adding chest exercise, meet an expert, and add healthy foods.

Body Parts Women Like More Than Chest


This may startle some of you, but it’s the reality. Nearly all women agree that the hands are the most appealing body part.

An image of a man’s hand that was recently uploaded on Twitter garnered more than 36,000 likes and thousands of female comments.

From the biceps to the triceps to the fingers, women adore everything about hands.

Start exercising to build up the strength in your hands.


Shoulders are another body component that women find appealing. Shoulder workouts are challenging, but they are necessary since they improve your attractiveness.


Women love 6-pack abs, they don’t like too much muscle in the stomach area, but they do find biscuits popping out as it shows that you are very capable of mating.


Women perceive jawlines to be quite beautiful; nevertheless, many guys do not engage in regular facial exercises.

Just as your body requires exercise to stay fit, your face requires workout to be strong.

Also, your face is the first thing a woman notices, so consider your facial shape carefully.

Things Women Care More Than Chest


Money, believe it or not, is quite important; it makes you very appealing.

Most men in their twenties waste their lives following ladies and ruin their careers.

If you are in your twenties, your primary priority should be to make as much money as possible or to learn a skill that will pay you well.

What happens if you have a lot of money in your bank account? You won’t have to chase females; rather, ladies will chase you.

So concentrate on money because it is far more appealing than any bodily part.


As women notice your nature, be kind to everyone. Those who claim that women only like bad guys are deceiving you.

According to a study, women choose nice guys for a long-term relationships.

So stay nice to everyone and respect elders.


You can win a woman’s heart if you can make her laugh. You may have heard this adage before, and let me tell you that it is absolutely accurate because humor is one of the most endearing qualities a man can have.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the connection between attractiveness and comedy. Spend some time with the funniest person you know and try to figure out how they come up with jokes. Learn from them.

Body Scent

A foul body odor can instantly turn a woman off. Select a pleasant perfume and keep oneself clean.

Food also plays a role in determining your body’s smell, so eat only nutritious foods.


You won’t be able to attract both money and ladies if you lack confidence. In practically every phase of your life, confidence is necessary.

Unfortunately, confidence cannot be increased overnight; it is a constant process that involves assigning oneself tasks that call for confidence and attempting to execute them.

Add exercises to your daily routine that can help you gain confidence since no matter how physically fit you are, you won’t be able to impress ladies if you lack self-assurance.

Thanks for reading!

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