Do Guys Like Girls With Acne Attractive?Do Guys Like Girls With Acne Attractive?

Acne is a pretty common problem. Millions of people are suffering from it, but according to a study, women suffer from adult acne more than men.

So if you have acne and feel that you are the only one suffering from this terrible condition, let me tell you, there are millions of other girls same like you who are also fighting acne every day and winning.

I know it feels bad when you have acne but all the other girls in your college don’t. I understand how acne is preventing you from being an insanely attractive girl.

But feeling sad about your acne won’t help you at all. Instead, you should put effort to eliminate these pimples from your beautiful face.

In this post, I’ll answer whether guys care about women’s acne or not, do they notice it, do they hate it.

You’ll get your answer here in this post!

Do Guys Like Girls With Acne?

The answer isn’t straightforward, there are some men who hate girls with acne, they only want girls with clear and glowing skin. However, the good thing is that the majority of men don’t find acne a big deal breaker because they understand that acne can be removed and it is not a permanent problem.

Your qualities can overshadow your drawbacks. This means, If you have a lot of acne on your face and treating them is becoming a big challenge for you, then improve your other qualities or if you don’t have any special qualities, add some.

Qualities like fashion sense, intelligence, confidence, money, and fame can easily dwarf your acne.

Guys would neglect your acne if you have something special about yourself!

Just imagine, if Selena Gomez or Zendaya develop acne tomorrow, I don’t think they would see a massive decline in their fame. I mean some guys would unfollow them, but most won’t. Their stardom will keep most of their followers stuck.

Learn to deal with your flaws. Everyone has some imperfections, no one is perfect. But if you learn how to deal with your problems more effectively, you would become unstoppable.

Feeling heartbroken because of your acne and telling yourself that you are not perfect daily, will never let you achieve greatness in your life. Instead, wake up, look at your face in the mirror and say you are the most beautiful girl on this planet.

Positive thinking leads to a positive life, and negative thinking pushes you into deep dark depressive life.

I know it’s easy to say but hard to do, but you have to do this as crying is also not a solution. You have to learn how to show your middle fingers to your negative thoughts fast; Otherwise, life won’t be too pleasing for you!

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Severe Acne Might Make Some Guys Feel Uneasy

Minor acne shouldn’t be a big problem for you as most guys don’t pay attention to minor acne; in fact, guys find minor acne beautiful.

However, if acne is all over your face and if it is in extreme condition, then there might be a problem.

Severe acne can definitely impact your attractiveness. Treating severe acne is important as it not only makes you appear unattractive but also affects your mental health, and not treating it quickly could lead to permanent skin damage, and I guess no one wants this.

Thanks to modern medics, treating serve acne is possible. In fact, there are many good guides available on the internet. So if you can’t pay a hefty fee to your doctor, take help from Internet experts, but only take advice from trusted sources, such as Healthline, NHS, and WebMD.

Are Acne Scars Unattractive?

It depends on how deep and visible they are. Light scars won’t catch the attention of guys and most guys won’t mind it, but deep scars can instantly catch attention and they don’t look good.

If you haven’t developed acne scars yet, it’s better not to pop your pimples, as popping, or squeezing acne breakouts can lead to scars. And, it is way more difficult to remove scars than to remove acne.

Now, how can you deal with scars? Well, the best thing can you do to remove or light the scars is to contact a doctor. I can’t give any advice on this I’m not an expert. It is a matter of your skin’s health and you must contact someone who knows how to treat it fast and well.


Minor acne won’t affect your attractiveness a lot, in fact, some guys find a few imperfections attractive, but if you are someone who is suffering from terrible acne, it might affect your attractiveness as your acne would be easily noticeable.

Furthermore, acne scars are much more unattractive than acne itself. Deep acne scars occur when we pop up pimples too quickly. It’s better to treat your acne with care otherwise scars could appear, and scars don’t go away easily!

Also, don’t leave your acne untreated as it could give permanent damage to your skin, and guys won’t find it attractive. It’s important to contact a doctor before it’s too late. Never take your skin health lightly.

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