How to get messages on InstagramHow to get messages on Instagram

Girls generally don’t text first unless you’re super good-looking or famous. It’s just their nature, however, there are a few things that can push them to text you first.

And, that’s what we are going to discuss here in this post. I’ll be sharing 9 fantastic tips that may help you get texts from girls more.

Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info!

1: Have Clear Profile Pic

Profile pictures play a crucial role. A bad profile pic where your face isn’t clearly visible won’t get much attention from girls, most girls ignore such profiles.

But if your profile picture clearly shows your face and personality, then your chances of getting messages from girls will increase substantially.

If you’re using a celebrity pic as your profile picture, then it’s right to change it. Use your real picture. Using your real picture is a thousand times better than using a celeb pic.

You can use a DSLR, it can click better pictures, better than phones. If you don’t have one, then use your phone but make sure your face is visible.

A good selfie can also do the job for you.

2: Nice Status

A good status can catch her attention. You must use a status that has the potential to generate emotions in the mind of those who read it.

A boring status won’t make you different. Use something that no one is using. There are many websites you can use to find a good status.

For example, has recently published a post in which they have written 150 best statuses to use.

A good status doesn’t guarantee success, however, it can increase your chances of getting a text first.

3: Meet Her In Real Life

A real-life talk is far more effective than social media communications. Girls like to have a conversation in real life more as it helps them observe the confidence of the guy they are talking to.

Girls on social media see thousands of messages, so it automatically becomes difficult for them to talk to everyone.

Some girls start ignoring the DM’s they receive because they don’t wanna stress themselves because of those messages.

Replying to thousands of messages is challenging, and most girls avoid doing it.

If you can meet her in real life, then stop wasting any more time on social media. Introduce yourself to her in real life.

Increase your boding with her, and I’m sure she will message you first.

4: Follow Or Become Her Friend

If you haven’t followed her yet, or haven’t become her friend on Facebook, how’s she gonna notice you?

You have to follow her so that she can at least notice you. I know the probability of her not following you back is high, but you have to do this to increase your chances of her DM (direct message).

Put your ego aside and just click the follow button.

5: Unlock Your Profile

It’s important to keep your profile locked as there are many scammers outside, and it becomes even more important if you don’t want unnecessary messages from strangers.

Locking a profile is easy, and almost every major social media platform now provides this option to its users.

However, in this case, you want messages, so locking your profile won’t be a great thing to do because if you keep your profile locked, girls won’t message you first as most of them would think that you won’t reply.

Also, girls can look at your pictures easily if your profile isn’t locked, if any girl likes your timeline pictures, she might send you a message. So keep your profile open if possible.

6: Like Her Pics, Stories And Comment If Possible

I personally don’t recommend it because mainly simps do these kinds of things, however, this trick could make you more noticeable to her.

Whenever she uploads something, give a like or if possible, leave a comment. A good comment might make her text you.

But don’t go too hard, just leave a genuine comment. Don’t try to do too much, otherwise, she would think you are just a normal simp trying hard to get her.

You don’t wanna present yourself as a simp, you must present yourself as a person who genuinely cares about her.

Also, don’t like every picture she uploads, like most of them, but not all.

7: Tag Her In A Funny Video or Pics

Girls like guys who have a good sense of humor. It is one of the most attractive traits to have.

However, most guys lack a sense of humor, you can become different by showing your funny side to her.

If you find any hilarious posts, tag her. But make sure to do it within the limit, don’t tag her in every funny thing you find on the internet as she can get bored and start ignoring you, she might block you too if you keep tagging her in necessary posts.

Do it in a moderation!

8: Upload Stories More

If she follows you, then show her what’s going on in your life through your stories. Upload more stories so that she can know that you are alive and love your life.

Use the tools you have to show her that you do give time to social media. Don’t stay inactive, keep your profile fresh and active, and upload more pics and stories.

9: Become Popular

Back in the 90s or early 2000s, it was tough to become popular, but now things have changed a lot.

Now you have the power to show your skills to the world by using social media. You can become popular, I would not say it is easy, but with a little bit of hard work and talent, you can get a good amount of followers.

Girls take guys who have a good amount of followers seriously because it shows that you are a high achievers.

If you have some kind of talent or if you want to become popular on social media, then what are you waiting for? Telecast yourself and gain followers from today!

Once you are a popular figure, you would see tons of messages from girls!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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