Girl grabs arm while walkingGirl grabs arm while walking

Do you feel amazing when she grabs your arms? Of course, you do feel quite wonderful, but do you know the hidden meaning behind this action?

Well, many of you don’t. No issues, because today in this post, I’ll be sharing what it means when a girl grabs your arm while walking.

Make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Grabs Your Arm?

It’s a positive sign, it shows that the bonding between you and her is pretty strong, but there 9 more things you should know.

1: She Likes You

When a girl likes you, she does these kinds of little things to let you know that she is into you, but the sad thing is that only a few guys catch these signs and out of those few individuals, only some actually take action.

If you like her, it’s a great opportunity to tell how much you like her. However, make sure to look for other more precise signs too.

Depending on only one sign may be a little risky because finding out what’s going on inside a woman’s brain is next to impossible.

2: Strong Chemistry

It’s important to have great chemistry with your close ones. Strong chemistry makes things more enjoyable while bad chemistry can do the opposite.

Grabbing a hand as I said isn’t a normal gesture. It tells that the chemistry between you and her is pretty strong.

If she recently started grabbing your arm while walking, then it tells that recently something has boosted your chemistry with her, maybe you’ve won her trust recently.

3: She Trusts You

Girls usually don’t grab the arm of someone who they know only for a few days. Girls find it hard to trust someone completely new to them, so if she is grabbing your arm, especially in public places, it tells how much she really trusts you.

If you like her, then make sure to never break her trust by doing something stupid. Winning trust is hard but losing it is really easy.

Also, try to do things that can make you even more trustable because girls like guys who appear loyal and trustable. If you really want her in your life, win her trust before winning anything else!

4: You’re A Good Friend

Maybe you’re in a friendzone, or maybe she isn’t really sure whether you’re just her friend or more than that.

In any case, she would not hesitate in grabbing your arm in public places because most of us trust our friends a lot, and chemistry between friends is always the best.

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5: She Loves You

Chances of this are quite less, however, touching could be a signal of possible love. Some girls don’t like to grab an arm, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a friend of her.

But if she actually loves you, things might be a bit different, she might not feel shy while grabbing your hands even in public.

6: She Is Scared Of Something

Maybe she felt sacred and that’s why she grabbed your arm. Did you visit any scary place with her or did you watch a horror movie with her? If yes, then I think you’ve got your answer.

When girls meet a jump scare, they do these types of things, but that doesn’t mean that she is in love with you or anything. It simply means that scene made her scream and grab your arm.

Also, she would not do it again unless you watch another horror film with her.

7: She Thinks You’ll Protect Her

Grabbing your arm while walking shows that she thinks you’re her man and would do anything to protect her.

In the Pleistocene age, females used to engage only with males who were more powerful because they wanted to be protected from animals and other dangerous things.

So it’s in women’s genes to find a man who can protect them and their future children. Grabbing an arm indicates that she feels protected with you and she subconsciously thinks that you would be a good protective father for her kids.

8: She Is Very Open

Maybe she is very friendly, she doesn’t care whether the guy is a stranger or not if she likes her company she would do these things, like grabbing arm, hugging, etc.

But that doesn’t mean she loves everyone, it just means she enjoys her life and likes to make new friends.

9: You Grabbed Her Arm That’s She Grabbed Yours

Maybe you’re the one who always grabs her arm, but this time around she grabbed yours, so you should not start to dreaming of marriage and kids yet.

She just feels right with you, but it doesn’t mean she has feelings for you, again, to be more sure whether she is actually into you or not, you should look for more certain signs. Also, wait for the right moment and say to her whatever you think about her.

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How To Respond

Always respond nicely even if you aren’t feeling good. It is because a girl’s nature is a bit more emotional compared to a guy’s.

If you removed her hand instantly, she may find it a bit rude and start thinking that you aren’t a nice person.

However, if you like her, then walk with confidence and do not feel over the moon because if you started to feel unmanageably amazing, your body may start to act weirdly and if she finds that, she may think you’re creepy, which would turn her off. Just calm yourself down and enjoy these amazing moments.

Is It Always A Positive Gesture?

Yes, it is! No girl grabs the arm of the guy who she hates.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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