Are dating apps worth it

Are you about to install a dating app on your phone? You might change your mood after reading this post. In this article, I’ll discuss whether these dating apps are worth it or not.

The dating industry is growing rapidly, they are dealing in billions of dollars. In fact, in 2021, dating apps made around 5.6 billion dollars in revenue which is more than the English Premer League revenue of the 2020-2021 season.

Now let’s come to the point, I’ll list 5 advantages and 6 disadvantages in this post, so make sure to read everything to get the complete information.

5 Pros Of Using Dating Apps

I only found 5 advantages of using dating apps sadly. However, here they are

1: It Gives You A Lot Of Options

Millions of people use dating apps to find their soul mates. So there are millions of options to choose from. You can choose the best person for yourself.

Read their bio, if his/her bio is matching with what you need in a partner. You can let him/her know by swiping right or giving a super like.

In real life, you don’t get enough options to choose from which is a clear disadvantage. Irl (in real life), you don’t meet millions of people, right?

2: Easy To Approach

Approaching someone on dating apps doesn’t require courage or confidence. It is easy, while in real life, it is one of the most difficult things to do, especially, if you love the person you’re about to approach.

Also, you don’t need to buy any ring or flower to approach someone on the internet. Just send the person a message, and they will get what you’re trying to say. Easy peasy!

3: They Are Easy To Use

Download it from the app store or play store, install them on your phone, set up your user id and password, upload a great picture, and that’s pretty much it. You’re ready to go!

Most apps spend millions of dollars to make them easy and enjoyable. These apps are getting easier and easier time by time, even old people can use them without much difficulty.

4: It Opens Dating Opportunities Beyond Your Geographical Location

Dating apps aren’t limited to any borders, you can approach anyone in the world with just one click. Usually, it is very difficult to cross borders, we have to have visas, passports, and other important documents just to enter another country.

So it is almost impossible to find a partner in another country, but with dating apps, this is not the case. As I said, millions of people from hundreds of countries are now using dating apps, so it opens the opportunity to date beyond your geographical location.

5: It Is Convenient

Another benefit of online dating apps is that you can access any dating app either on a phone or a desktop. Most people choose mobile devices because with them you can check out your matches from anywhere.

Also, if someone begins to use bad words while chatting, you can block that person any time with a few clicks.

9 Cons Of Using Dating Apps

Now let’s look at some of the disadvantages of using dating apps. Shockingly, there are more cons than pros of dating apps.

1: They Can Be Stressful

It takes a lot of time just to find the perfect person, and if that person didn’t respond to our messages, then it stresses out a lot of people.

These apps are really good at providing stress. If you still gonna download it, then remember, they are just apps, they shouldn’t be impacting you in any way mentally.

In case, you’re feeling sad or stressed after using a dating app. Then uninstall it for some time, and focus on your mental health by practicing mediation. Or if it is too serious, contact a therapist.

2: They Force Us To Buy Premium Versions

Another major disadvantage of using dating apps. They are money suckers, they’ll force you to buy their premium version.

With their free version, they do not give enough features, and they apply a lot of restrictions on your account, which sometimes can frustrate you.

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3: You May Receive Sensitive Pics and Videos

This really common, millions of people are using dating apps, so many creepy people are also there. You may receive a sensitive pic or video from a stranger. If you do receive it in the future, don’t panic, just block the person.

There are many h*rny people, especially, men present on these dating apps, these h*rny dumbs don’t wanna live peacefully. They are the people who make these apps a terrible place.

4: It May Hurt Self Confidence

Waking up early in the morning and seeing 0 matches may hurt your self-confidence, you may begin to think that you don’t look good. Negative feelings may emerge in your mind.

It is okay to see 0 matches, it takes time. Trust the process. Try to upload more clear pictures and edit your bio, make it funny. After doing these adjustments in your profile, you’ll surely see an increase in match counts.

5: Dating Apps Waste A Lot Of Time

App developers are giving their best to make their apps addictive. Owners of these apps spend millions just to increase the usage time of their apps.

If you don’t limit yourself, these apps will waste a lot of your time, and I guess you know how important time is. The competition outside is massive, so you must use your time wisely. Spending 4 hours every day on Tinder won’t help!

6: Dating Apps Are Filled With Liars

Most people have a fake bio. They do this just to get more matches. They try to hide their real age or how much money they earn.

It is really common to see a fake bio. Make sure to not trust everyone on the dating apps. They might be lying.

7: You Have To Upload Good Looking Pics If Your Really Want Dates

Poor quality pictures don’t usually work on dating apps. They don’t get great engagement. poor engagement means low matches.

The problem is that DSLRs are very expensive and phones like iPhone 13 are expensive too. Most people use their phone’s front camera which usually produces low-quality pictures. However, if you know how to pose well for a picture, you can still get decent pictures even with a bad-quality camera.

There are thousands of guides available on the internet about how to click a perfect picture with a low-end camera. Read those guides and improve your photography skills.

8: Too Many Scammy Apps Available

Scammers are everywhere, dating apps aren’t scammer-proof either. There are thousands of apps available on the internet that promise to give a good experience but their main motive is to suck as much money as they can from your credit card.

Beware of these apps. Only trust apps that have millions of downloads with good reviews and ratings.

9: They Sell Your Info

Almost every dating app sells your info. Read their terms and condition carefully before entering your personal details like your address, phone number, email id, and so on.

Are Dating Apps Worth It?

Yes, they do, but you have to use them in limitation, overusing dating apps may give you mental stress and low self-confidence. Also, you must not enter your information on scammy-looking dating sites. These sites are dangerous for your privacy and money.

Be smart, do everything within the limit. Do not overdependent on something. If dating apps aren’t giving the results you want, visit local pubs, bars, and restaurants. Make new friends, interact more with people, you’ll surely find your soul mate soon if you follow these things.

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