How To Flirt With Your Eyes (7 Super Effective Tips)

Eyes are among the first things a man notices, and I’m sure every woman understands that, but sadly, most women lack one thing: they don’t know how to flirt with or entice a guy with their eyes.

You may not get many dates if you don’t know how to play with your eyes to grab the attention of men. In this article, I’ll provide 7 incredibly effective strategies for becoming a master of flirting with your eyes.

So jump right into it!

1: Make Your Eyes Beautiful

As previously stated, the eyes are among the first things a man notices, therefore if you want to flirt with a man with your eyes, you must ensure that they are attractive, as the more attractive they are, the more engaging they will be.

As a man, I find women who use eyeliner on their eyes more appealing than those who do not.

Eyeliner can make your eyes appear wider and draw attention to the dark ring around your iris. It may also deceive us into thinking that both eyes are symmetrical when they are not.

But keep in mind that not every man is the same; some men may disagree with me, but I feel the majority of men would agree with me.

Also, don’t overdo it or you’ll destroy your entire face. Simply add a small amount of makeup and you’re done. You can learn more by watching tutorials.

2: Look At Him Multiple Times

Even if it makes you feel a little weird, especially if you are an introvert, you must do this if you truly want to show him that you are interested in him.

When we notice that a lady is staring at us repeatedly, our minds only allow for one possible interpretation: the woman is interested in us.

3: Blink Slowly While Looking At That Person

Slow blinks are enough to attract any man. However, you must first learn it. Look at the gif above, how seductive it seems when the woman in the clip blinks her eyelids slowly.

Hold your gaze with him for a few seconds before blinking slowly. You don’t need to do it too many times; just do it once, and I’m sure he’ll notice that you’re flirting with him.

Remember, it’s a pretty strong technique, so only use it on the man you truly desire in your life.

4: Smile If You Can

Smiling not only makes you feel good, but it also makes you look more attractive, according to a study.

You might be wondering how smiling can you help you in attracting the man you want.

Well, of course, it can, in fact, it’s a very powerful technique that you can use to flirt with him without saying a single word to him. Maintain strong eye contact with him, and smile slowly.

I know it’s not easy to do, especially if haven’t talked to him at all before, but if you somehow gather some courage and did it, he will surely feel something for you.

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5: Play With Your Hair Slowly While Looking At Him

Some men feel that if a lady plays with her hair while looking at them, it signifies she likes them. They are unaware that the majority of the time this is not the case.

Maybe the person you like believes this as well, so the next time you meet him, try to maintain eye contact and play with your hair while staring at him.

6: Do It Daily

Some men are super slow at catching hints, so keep giving signals through your eyes to him until he catches them.

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7: Look At Him Up And Down

If a woman looks at us up and down, many questions start to arise in your mind.

Looking up and down is a sign of attraction, some men are pro at catching signs like these. Add things like smiling and eye contact while looking at him up and down.

Avoid doing so, though, if he is shy, as he might feel quite uncomfortable and begin to feel afraid of you instead of attracted to you, which wouldn’t be good at all.

Things To Avoid

Here are some things you might wanna avoid.

Don’t Stare For Too Long Without Expression

Staring at someone for too long with a dead expression, especially if that person is an introvert, may make him feel insecure.

Don’t Move Your Eyes If He Is Looking

He might conclude that you are not interested in him if you quickly avert your gaze when he is looking at you. He might also infer that you were only interested in him out of curiosity rather than because you are attracted to him.

Don’t Look At Other Guys When He Around

Concentrate solely on him; otherwise, he can think you’re not serious about him or that you have negative traits.

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