How To Not Be A SIMPHow To Not Be A SIMP

There was a time when men used to behave like a man, but now, the world is changing rapidly, and more and more simps are coming out of their caves.

In the world of the internet, it’s quite easy to find simps.

Just open your Instagram or Tiktok, and you’ll find them almost everywhere.

However, finding out whether you’re a simp or not could be tricky because every man shows different signs and those signs could be difficult to catch.

In this post, I’ll help you clear every doubt you have. So let’s begin without wasting any more time!

Symptoms Of A Simp

Before I show you how to not be a simp, you must know whether you’re a simp or not. If you’re a simp, you’ll show most of the below symptoms.

1: You Chase Girls Really Hard

No matter how messy your life is, you never stop chasing girls. This is one of the clearest signs of a simp.

Remember girls are not going to fix your problems. Giving them your precious time doesn’t guarantee that they’re gonna start loving you.

Ultimately, you’re the one who fixes your problems. If you’re a simp, you’ll notice that you chase girls very hard, you try to impress them just too much.

This quality is very unattractive. Stop chasing every damn girl!

2 You Put Girls Above Your Friends

Life is nothing without friends, they make our day wonderful. However, simps don’t care or respect their friends.

They only care about what girls are thinking about them. If a simp has to choose between his friend and a girl, he would always choose the girl he likes.

If you’re someone who always rejects his friend’s party but accepts random girl’s invitations, then it indicates that you’re probably a simp.

3 Spending A Lot of Money On Girls

Do you spend most of your money on things that can make you more appealing to girls?

If yes, then it’s another very strong signal that you’re a simp.

In today’s world, It’s crucial to invest money in the right way. Money doesn’t come easy, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices.

Spending your money on things that aren’t going to benefit you in the long run, would put you in a bad financial situation, but simps don’t understand that.

Check how much money you waste on girls, if the amount is more than 30% of your total income, you’re a simp, my brother!

4 You Just Want Physical Relationships

Simps see girls as sex material. They don’t understand what love means, they only care about physical relationships.

If you’re someone who has a desire of having physical relationships with multiple girls, you are probably a simp.

Also, a simp spends a lot of time watching x-rated videos and ejacul*ting to them. They live in their own dreamy world where fake relations have more value than the real ones.

5 You Send Loads Of Messages And Reply Quickly

Simps are always online, they don’t like spend even a minute without social media, and they try to grab attention by sending a lot of messages to random girls, but they don’t know that girls don’t like guys who send/reply tons of messages.

Subscounsily, it tells women that the guy they are talking to probably doesn’t have any work to do, and because of that they start to lose interest quickly.

Instead of holding back, simps become even more aggressive with their texts, they start to send messages like “why you’re not replying” “Please say something” “I like you”…etc. Which is cringy AF!

I hope you don’t do this.

6 You follow A Lot Of Female Models/Girls On Instagram

Check your Instagram following list, how many girls do you find there? If the percentage is more than 50%, it indicates that you’re a low-key simp.

Also, check how many semi-nude models you follow. More models mean more chances of you being a simp!

7 You Don’t Care About Your Future

Do you have any solid future plans? Or Do you work hard to accomplish the goals you have set?

Simps usually don’t have any plans for their future, they believe in living the present life. Enjoying your present life is not bad, but not having a solid future plan is stupid.

8 You Always Take Her Stand Even If She Is Wrong

Simps fear losing their relationships a lot and that’s why they never go against their partner.

If all the 8 points are matching you, congrats, you’re a simp!

How To Stop Being A Simp

Now let’s see how to come out of that simp zone!

1 Never Reply Fast If She Is Replying Late

If she is replying to your messages after 6 hours, reply to her after 8 hours. Don’t show her that you don’t have any work to do.

Show that you work hard for your future. Show that you don’t care about social media too much.

If you do that, she will stay interested in you because you’re not like everybody else, you have your own unique personality.

It will also indicate her that you don’t actually chase her, which would make her even more interested in you.

2 Unfollow Her If She Isn’t Following You

By not following you, she is indirectly telling you that you don’t have anything special, you’re just like others.

Unfollow her right now if she isn’t following you. Show her that you have some dignity.

3 Limit Social Media Life And Be More Active In Real Life

Real life is far better than social media life. Engaging more in real life gives tons of benefits, like high confidence, more experiences, less stress, etc.

While spending most of your time on social media gives mental stress, jealousy, brain, fog, and wastes valuable time.

Social media companies such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, spend a huge amount of money to make their platform more engaging.

By keeping you engaged on their platform, they are earning billions of dollars. Stop being a fool, understand their tactics, they don’t want you to have a big wealthy life, they want you to stay in the dark forever.

Simps fall into this trap easily, but you’re awesome because you’re here, it shows that you actually want to achieve something in your life.

keep this motivation inside you, and start working from today!

4 Build Muscles

Spending a large amount of your time in your room is making you a simp, plus it’s making you weaker from both inside and outside.

Try to use that free time on something that could be great for your mental and body strength.

Join a gym, and build muscles. If you can’t join a gym, then play sports more, but don’t let that free time pass away.

Also, when you’ll have more muscles, people will respect you more, which could give you a boost of confidence.

5 Don’t Help Her In Everything

She isn’t a child, she can do things without your help. If you keep helping her in everything, she will keep giving you her work. Which I guess you don’t want.

Help her only when she is begging for your help. I’m not asking you to start behaving like a douchebag but understand your limits.

If you think she can do her work without your help, then just say that you don’t have any free time right now, do it on your own.

Show her that your time is valuable!

6 Work Hard For Future

These Instagram models are just there to suck your money. They would never go on a date with you if you don’t have enough money.

Believe it or not, money is everything. Everyone wants money, so chase money first, not girls!

I hope you liked this post!

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