Get paid to watch Netflix! No, this is not a clickbait.

We know this seems unbelievable, like how can you earn while watching Netflix? You must be curious as to where to sign up and start bringing in the cash flow. It surely sounds super exciting, so continue reading this post to find out how to get paid for watching Netflix.

However, before we dive into this there is one prerequisite that you need to have sorted. It is your internet connection. It needs to be good so you can watch Netflix without any hassle and have smooth streaming. For this, ATT Internet can be your right call. There is no compromising on your internet and with ATT’s high speeds of up to 5 gigs, this will surely be a wise decision.

So, let’s give you a plan for getting paid for watching Netflix! It’s foolproof.

Make a YouTube Channel for Movie Reviews

YouTube has become quite a prominent way of making bucks. If you also want to join the bandwagon and begin earning money via this platform then we have an idea for you. All you have to do is make a YouTube channel for movie reviews.

You will be surprised to know how many people are interested in watching the reviews before and even after watching the movie. It is fun – you have your freedom and opinion that are people willing to hear, so why not do this?

You will have to keep in mind the YouTube monetization. As the basic requirement to get started, you need to have a minimum of 3 public videos within 90 days and an average of 3000 watch hours. 3 million views on shorts can also be like your starter.

Use the Viggle App

We are sure you wouldn’t like to have your Netflix binge session tracked – unless you will get paid for this. You do have a chance for this!

The entire idea of Viggle is to help streaming services or TV networks reach their audience and good amount of views. So, how about you partner up with Viggle and become verified on the account?

On the app, you earn points that are redeemable in the form of gift cards. So, begin your binge-watching sessions and make money while you get the maximum entertainment. Dream job? That would be a resounding yes!

Ads Reward Apps

Okay so, hear us out. This method is not about you watching Netflix directly to get paid – instead, this is a suggestion for you to deploy.

There are ad-watching applications out there that reward you simply for watching ads – or even for filling point basic surveys. So, how about you do all this while you watch Netflix? It requires little to no attention and you are still getting paid.

You just let these ads play in the background while you stay engrossed in whatever film or TV show you are watching. It is convenient, right?

Be a Netflix Tagger

Netflix is always on the lookout to make the content as tagged for the audience as possible. Even a slight slip costs them a bit of their reputation. Therefore, correct tagging such as profanity, kids’ content, genre, language, etc, is an important matter of the business.

This is where you come in. You can become associated with the research firms that Netflix partners up with for this. You will become a part of the focus group, get to watch all sorts of titles available on the platform, or soon to be released, and will be asked to tag them.

The job goes around with several names such as editorial analysts, metadata analysts, and Netflix taggers of course.

Is This A Side Hustle?

Any of the methods stated above for earning money by watching Netflix is a side hustle. The checks are something you can entirely live off of, but since we all are actively watching Netflix, so we can surely turn it into something beneficial and this is exactly what these options are.

Even if you opt to be a closed captioner for the content available on the platform or even a tagger – it will be a side gig nonetheless. So, let your main job control all your utilities while you make some extra bucks on the side while you continue your entertainment with Netflix binge sessions.

Concluding Thoughts

And this would be all for today folks. We have given you the true ways that you can use to make while you simply watch Netflix. They are surely fun, and our favorite pick would surely be the YouTube channel so we can get to share our opinions with the world and give honest reviews.

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