I Hope You Know CPR Because You just Took My Breath Away

If I have to choose one pickup line out of hundreds, I would choose “I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!”

This is by far the best pickup line ever. If you’re planning to use this pickup line for someone really close to your heart, then you should do it asap, I’m sure she will get flattered by that.

The Origin Of “I Hope You Know CPR Because You Just Took My Breath Away”

This pickup line first appeared on Reddit, an anonymous user posted it, then someone used this line while chatting to a girl on Tinder and took a screenshot of it and shared it with his friends.

After some days, this pickup went viral and now it is one of the most sought-after pickup lines. Some big websites like Parade.com have ranked it the number one pickup line in their list of top 100 pickup lines.

Also, many famous pranksters use this line to impress girls, and most of the time, it works well.

When To Use “I Hope You Know CPR Because You Just Took My Breath Away”

This line works well when you meet someone first time. However, you can use it for any girl you like at any given time. This pickup line is enough to make any girl smile.

However, because this line is popular she may have heard this before, so be careful, do not send it to every girl, especially, if she has got a lot of followers or friends.

Do Girls Like This Pickup Line?

Of course, they do, especially, if they never heard it before. If she didn’t like it, she might be a really serious girl or has no sense of humor.

When I first heard this line, it impressed me too even though I’m a guy. This pickup line is powerful, you should use it at least once. I’m sure you’ll get a good reaction.

I hope liked this post!

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