If She Hates You, She Loves You (Decoding True Feelings)

Understanding a woman is not a piece of cake. Their mood changes almost every day. However, they do give subtle signs that can help us detect what exactly they are thinking about us.

Today in this post, we are going to decode a very strange quote and that is, if she hates you, she loves you. We’re going to find out whether it is true or not.

We’ll also look at the negative signs a woman gives when she truly hates someone. So make sure to read the complete post to get the complete info.

Is It True That If She Hates You, She Loves you?

In most cases, it is not true. In fact, when a girl really loves you, she won’t be able to control her feelings for you. She will definitely give you noticeable signs, like looking into your eyes, touching you, enjoying your conversation, standing for you, etc.

However, if you’re in a relationship with a girl and she is upset about something because of you, then she might act as if she hates you, but deep down, she actually loves you. Finding it out whether she is acting to hate you or not is quite simple.

Just stop talking to her for some time, and notice her reaction, if she really loves you, she will surely text you or try to meet you somewhere.

If she does text you, then that means, she was just pretending to hate you, but if she doesn’t contact you, in that case, there is something bad happening and you have to fix it asap!

Signs That She Truly Hates You

If a woman hates you, she will give you negative signs. These signs aren’t hard to detect, so let’s look at them one by one.

1: She Will Block You On Social Media

This is the first thing she will do when she really hates you. She will go to your profile and mark you as blocked.

Finding out whether you’re blocked or not is simple. If you aren’t able to find her social ID, but your friends can, then it clearly indicates that she has blocked you.

On the other hand, if she really loves you but pretends to hate you, in that case, she won’t block you, but if she does anyhow block you, she will unblock you after some days. Women do these kinds of things just to teach lessons to their partners.

2: She Won’t Show Interest In Your Conversation

Whether you’re telling a fantastic story or cracking a hilarious joke, she just won’t find it interesting. Also, her conversations will be short because no one would like to spend their time with someone they really hate.

If she has been showing this behavior to you for a long time, then it shows that she is not interested in you anymore and she now wants to move on.

3: She Will Avoid Eye Contact

This is the most obvious sign that she hates you. She won’t make eye contact with you, and her eyes won’t show any positive emotions toward you.

Try to make eye contact with her, if she instantly avoids eye contact with you and turns her body away from you, then it means she just doesn’t wanna see you now.

But if she is pretending to hate you, in that case, she will make eye contact with you, but not for long, and her eyes will have emotions for you.

4: Her Arms Are Always Crossed Around You

This is a psychological way to tell that the person you’re talking to actually hates you or doesn’t want to communicate with you.

If you notice this sign whenever you go around her, then it’s a negative sign. It indicates that now you should stop talking to that person.

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Signs That She Is Just Pretending To Hate You

Women are very good at hiding their emotions, but they do reveal some subtle signs that you catch and find their true feelings.

1: Tell A Joke To Her

If she loves you, she will definitely crack up. Telling a joke is an instant way to break her character.

2: Say Sorry To Her

If you have done something wrong or hurt her. Then say sorry, if she really loves you, she will definitely forgive you.

3: Make Her Feel Jealous

This is a risky way but a powerful way too. Don’t talk to her for some time and initiate talking with other women just to see her reaction.

Look at her body signs, if you see her feeling jealous whenever you are talking to other women, then it means she is just acting to hate you, after some days she will break her character and come back into your life.

However, as I said, it’s a risky way, so make sure to do everything within a limit.

4: Give Her Some Time

I think this is the best thing to do. Give her some time and she will eventually come back into your life.

5: Tell Her How Much You Love Her

Another great way to erase all the tensions between you and her. Just tell her how much she really means to you.

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What To Do When A Woman Actually Hates You

Stop chasing her, this is the best thing to do. I know, it is really hard, but chasing someone who doesn’t like you at all, is a complete waste of time.

There are billions of women living on this planet, you’ll definitely find your soul mate. Running behind a girl who just doesn’t wanna see your face, not only wastes your time but it hurts your self-confidence too.

For a man, self-confidence is everything. Without it, a man can’t achieve anything big in life. Instead of wasting your time chasing a woman who can’t be your partner, use that time to build your future.

Work on your money-making skills because when you’ll have money in your pocket, nobody will disrespect you, and a lot of women will chase you.

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