do girls like show off guys

Some men try to look powerful by showing off their money, shoes, car, and jewels, but do they impress girls by doing that? We’ll find the answer here in this post.

I personally hate those guys who show off too much. I think they are not really rich, they’re just trying to prove that they own a billion-dollar company, but the truth is, they don’t.

People who are actually rich, don’t show off. Just take the example of Mark Zuckerberg, right now, he is the 6th richest man in the world, but he keeps his fashion very simple. In fact, he doesn’t even wear a different color T-shirt, he thinks, choosing a T-shirt would waste his precious time.

Those show guys, don’t value time, they value a 500$ Gucci T-shirt, that’s why they don’t become super-rich like Mark Zuckerberg.

Most of these fakers, make efforts to look like celebrities. They begin purchasing clothes that are very expensive just to show off, and because of that, they take credit card loans which increase the burden on them.

Ultimately, they live fake life. Btw, it’s just what I think about guys who show off, but do girls also think the same. Let’s find out!

Do Girls Like Show Off Guys?

You may be wondering why would any girl like a guy who shows off way too much. But, unfortunately, some girls (I mean a few girls) like dudes who show off.

There are billions of women present in the world, so we can’t generalize everyone. Every girl thinks differently, but the positive thing is that majority of girls dislike boys who show off too much, they think these types of guys try hard to get their attention by showcasing their fake wealth, which sometimes turns them off.

Girls look for partners who are genuine. Women are gifted in catching who is fibbing and who isn’t. Girls are very good at detecting who is genuine and who isn’t. If a person is trying to fool them, most women smell it almost immediately.

That’s why being genuine is important, if you really wanna attract her. Faking doesn’t last long. And, being genuine increases your confidence, and you know how important confidence is. Without confidence, it is very difficult to impress anyone.

Why Do Guys Show Off?

Men normally show off when they really wanna grab your attention. Most men try to impress women by showing off how much money they have or how much power they poses. They think that money and power can easily attract any girl, and it’s somehow true. Some girls won’t agree with me here, but psychologically, it’s 100% true that women easily get attracted by a man who has more power.

In the Miocene epoch era, the strongest alpha apes were used to get all the females. Now, we have evolved from apes to humans, but psychologically, we are still connected to our ancestors.

All women want a better future, it is their nature. That’s why you may have noticed that many women try to hit on men who are in greater positions than them. For example, I’ve noticed, one of my co-employee (I would not take her name) used to flirt with my manager. That manager wasn’t even good-looking, but because he was in a powerful position, most women were attracted towards her.

If you become a celebrity one day. You will notice that girls who were ignoring you when you were nothing, are now texting you for a date. Everything changes when you have power.

If you’re genuinely in a powerful position or if you actually have a lot of money. Show off may help in attracting some females. But if you want attention from every girl. Be nice even if you have millions of dollars in your bank account.

Do Guys Show Off When They Like You?

Generally, it is true. Some guys want you to know how good their life is by showing off their expensive accessories. Men generally show off their watch first after that chains and other accessories to impress women. So, if you catch a guy showing off his luxury Rolex to you, chances are he likes you and want your attention.

But, some guys show off to every girl. You should stay away from these weirdos because they don’t like you, they just want to attract every girl under the roof.

I remember I used to show off my Jordans. I was in school and I wanted to impress a girl, I thought she will be impressed by it by that didn’t work out that well. She didn’t even care that I’m wearing Jordans. I still end up dating her, but those Jordans didn’t help me much.


Do girls like show-off guys? Most girls don’t like them, but some girls do. Guys should not show off too much, if you’re rich, then be humble, don’t try too hard to prove because it backfires.

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