I Am Handsome, But No Girl Likes MeI Am Handsome, But No Girl Likes Me

It feels terrible when you know you look good, but still, no girl gives attention to you. Well, there could be many reasons behind it.

Surprisingly, it happens with a lot of guys, you are not the only one. I used to feel like that too in my college days, but then I found something interesting and that just turned everything on its head.

I’m also going to share some helpful tips with you, so make sure to read the entire post.

Now let’s look at the reasons why no girl hits on you even if you are really handsome.

1: You Don’t Look Approachable

Body language is a powerful tool, and most of us don’t know how to use it. Doesn’t matter how handsome you are, you will struggle to get girls if you don’t look approachable.

If you somehow fix this issue, 90% of your problems will be solved.

Thankfully, it is easy to fix this issue, you can look more approachable if you follow the things listed below.

  • Smile More

Smile not only make you appear approachable but also lifts confidence and happiness. Smile even if you are not feeling happy. In fact, a fake smile can bring out your real smile.

  • Don’t Be Busy All The Time

Don’t use your devices (Phone, Laptop, etc.) in public places. Be more accessible, if you continue using your phone, people will think that you are busy and don’t wanna communicate right now, and ultimately they won’t come and talk to you.

  • Keep You Head Up

If you keep your head down, again people will think that you are thinking about something and they must not disturb you. Keep your head up and have a smile on your face. Also, make eye contact if possible, eyes can talk.

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2: You’re Too Handsome

Well, that’s a positive thing, but it can sometimes backfire. Some girls might think that you are out of their league and they better stay away from you.

In this case, you should try to go some other places and meet some new girls, you’ll eventually find yourself a good partner.

3: You Don’t Engage With People Much

Stop being alone and silent, go outside more try to make more friends. Being alone all the time doesn’t do any good.

In fact, people who stay alone, encounter more stress in their life, and the sad part is that they struggle with stress for a long time because they don’t have anyone who can help them during those stressful periods.

If you don’t like making many friends, no issues, start with just one, make just one new friend, but don’t stay without friends.

4: You Lack Confidence

Without confidence, looks are a waste. Confidence gives us the power to go and talk to a woman.

Confidence is something you can build over time. You just need to add a few small tasks to your daily routine, tasks that require confidence.

Complete those small tasks that you have added. Eventually, you will find that your confidence is increasing.

Once you have a decent amount of confidence in yourself. Getting girls would be a lot easier!

5: Some Girls Do Hit On You But You Ignore Them

It’s nearly impossible to not get attention from girls if you are handsome and cool. Maybe some girls do give attention to you but you just ignore them.

Finding a dream girl is hard, the competition outside is nuts, however, it totally depends on you, if you only want a beautiful girl or the girl who ticks every point on your list, well it’s good for you, I don’t have any issues.

But don’t wait too much, time doesn’t stop for anyone!

6: You Think You Are Handsome But Reality Is Different

Maybe you just live in a fool’s paradise. Finding out how handsome you are is rather simple. Just ask your friends, especially, female friends, and ask them to rate you.

By the way, don’t take the negative ratings too seriously as you can enhance your look anytime.

A wise person once said you are not ugly, you are just poor. So if you begin making great money, your looks will change too because your lifestyle will change completely.

7: You’re Probably A Douchebag

Treat people nicely, girls notice how you treat others. If you have anger issues or people say that you don’t talk to them nicely, well maybe it’s the right time to change something.

Be a nice guy, people who say nice guys don’t get girls are just dumb. Nice guys do get girls! In fact, they attract girls more than so-called “bad guys”

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Tips That Might Help

  • Increase Your Confidence

You are probably already handsome, all you need is self-confidence. There are many ways that can help you in enhancing your confidence, however, things take time, you’ll have to wait for some time to see noticeable growth in your self-confidence.

There is no shortcut to it.

  • Make Yourself Look More Approachable

Change your appearance, smile more, and don’t use your phone all the time!

  • Respect Every Girl

Give respect and take respect. Don’t mistreat girls, most of them have soft hearts.

  • Improve Your Communication Skill

Learn the art of talking. Talk to at least one stranger a day, it could boost your communication skill and self-confidence.

  • Take Part In Events And Parties

If you have received an invitation to come to a party, don’t think twice, go there and enjoy. Talk to new people, dance, sing, and make friends.

Stop being alone all the time, it sucks!

  • Be Active On Social Media

Upload more pictures and reply to the messages you receive.

  • Talk To Girls (Don’t Just Sit And Dream), Take Action

This is the most crucial point. Take action bro, stop waiting, if you don’t take action, someone else will!

The pain of regret is immense, and it doesn’t fade away easily. Take action before it’s too late!

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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