Signs A Girl With A Boyfriend Likes YouSigns A Girl With A Boyfriend Likes You

Some girls are quite adept at concealing their emotions. They may not give many overt indications that they are in love, but they do give subtle signs that could help you understand the feelings she is attempting to convey.

It could be really perplexing for you if you like a girl who is already in a committed relationship but still shows signs of liking you. You don’t need to worry because I’ll show you the telltale indicators she would display if she liked you despite having a partner.

However, before I continue this piece, I just want to say that falling for a lady who is in a relationship is extremely wrong since you are basically asking her to cheat on her guy, which is quite wrong.

If she is hitting on you despite having a boyfriend, she is clearly wrong, but you are also wrong if you do not stop her.

Nevertheless, even if she has a partner, here are some of the indicators she will offer you if she likes you:

1: She Maintains Unusual Eye Contact With You

The eyes can convey a great deal about a person. If she maintains eye contact with you for an extended period of time and her eye contact appears unusual to you, it could be an indication that she considers you highly appealing.

You would also notice her staring at you repeatedly, as is normal when we have a crush on someone. We gaze at our crush several times because we want to see what they are doing and whether or not they are looking at us.

Furthermore, if she grins as well, or if there is always a faint smile on her face while she keeps eye contact with you, that is a definite indication that she is interested in you.

She won’t care about her partner, and she will maintain eye contact with you even if she is with him.

2: She Touches You

Touching is not an insignificant gesture because girls avoid touching someone they don’t find attractive or are unfamiliar with.

If she touches you, particularly your hair, hands, chest, and cheeks, she most likely finds you appealing.

She might also not feel any kind of hesitation while playing with your cheeks, hair, and hands even if her boyfriend is with her.

If she is shy, she may avoid touching you, yet she will stand close to you or not mind if you touch her.

3: She Compliments You Often

You will note that she frequently compliments you on your appearance, style, and overall attitude.

You’d be a little shy around her if you are an introverted person because girls when they admire someone, don’t hesitate to compliment them.

And she would not object if you complimented her; in fact, she would appreciate it.

4: She Gives Romantic Hugs To You

Her hug will not feel friendly to you. They would be longer than friendly embraces and would be highly sensual since her entire body would touch you.

In friendship hugs, our shoulders usually contact, but in passionate hugs, practically our entire body touches. Friendly hugs only last a few seconds, however romantic hugs might linger up to 20 seconds or longer.

If she frequently offers you unusual embraces, it’s one of the most clear indicators that she’s completely into you.

5: Her Pupils Dilate

This is one of the most difficult things to observe because our pupils are so little. However, if you pay close attention to her pupils, you will observe that her pupils dilate whenever you meet her, just as our pupils dilate when we meet someone we like or find attractive.

Our brain basically gets a chemical boost that causes our pupils to dilate. So, the next time you meet her, pay attention to her eyes since they might convey a lot to you.

6: She Always Tries To Look Her Best

You will also notice that she never dresses poorly; she always wears gorgeous clothes and wears a lot of cosmetics. She also tries to maintain flawless body language when she is with you.

It doesn’t just happen to guys; it also happens to women, who grow anxious around their crush and start adjusting their bodies.

They also strive to look their best when meeting their crush.

7: She Reacts Awkardly Around You

This is another subtle sign she will give away if she is really into you. Most girls are confident, and they do not feel any kind of nervousness when they meet their crush, but some girls aren’t so lucky.

They start to behave really awkwardly around their crush. It usually happens with shy or introverted girls.

If you see her acting awkwardly around you every time, it is a big indicator that she is into you.

8: She Ignores Her Boyfriend For You

This one is a little out of the ordinary. You might discover that she ignores her partner solely for your benefit.

She will even cancel her plans with him only to spend time with you, and even if she is with her boyfriend, she will keep in touch with you via social media.

I don’t know what stronger indication you need. She’s literally ignoring her boyfriend for you, so this is the strongest sign.

9: She Doesn’t Reply Late Or Ignores Your Texts

When we are in love, it is difficult to ignore the messages we receive from our crush; in fact, we seek ways to communicate with our crush via text messages.

If she never ignores your messages or responds quickly, it could signal she takes you seriously. This isn’t the strongest of indicators because we can’t gauge a person’s feelings through texts, but it’s still a hint you shouldn’t ignore.

So, that’s all for today, guys; I hope you found something useful in this post. Take care until the next time!


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