9 Signs A Leo Man Hates You (Understanding Leo’s Way)

It’s really hard to understand a Leo, especially, if he is a man. Leo doesn’t like to express too much, they keep their feelings to them.

Howeve, if a Leo hates you, he will definitely show these 9 signs that I’m about to present to you, so make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

Now let’s begin without any further ado!

Signs A Leo Man Hates You

1: He Always Replies late

When we hate someone, we just don’t want to engage with them at all. We do a lot of things to avoid them and one of these things is replying late or leaving a message on seen.

If you’re nowadays seeing this behavior from his side, it indicates that something is definitely not going right. However, chances are there that he may be busy or he receives tons of messages in a day so it’s hard to reply to every message.

But if he used to reply to you quickly but nowadays he doesn’t, then you have to find out why is he doing all this.

Talk to him about it, if his answer doesn’t sound genuine, it indicates that he doesn’t like you anymore or probably hates you.

2: He Always Has Short Conversations With You

It is true that Leo man doesn’t talk much, but when they are with someone close to them, they do express a lot.

If he is really attracted to you, he would talk to you about everything, but he doesn’t like your company, he would always stay silent with you, or the conversation he will have with you will be quite short and point to point.

If talks a lot with his friends and other girls but never with you, it clearly tells that he doesn’t like to spend time with you, which means he secretly hates you.

Also, what do you do when you hate someone? You don’t talk to them, right? Like that, He is also trying to limit his conversation with you because he wants you to know that he hates you now.

3: He Never Compliments You

He will never compliment you, doesn’t matter how pretty you’re looking. In fact, he will avoid coming in front of you.

If you never hear any compliments from his side doesn’t matter how hard you try, it tells that he isn’t into you, and he maybe hates you.

I know it feels bad when we don’t get the appreciation from the person we like the most, but sometimes we have to move on from that. Focus on people who praise you for your efforts.

Appreciate what you’ve got, it’s way better than crying for someone who doesn’t give a damn about you.

4: He Always Cancels Plans At The Last Moment

He will always find a reason to not come. This is one of the surest signs that he doesn’t like you or hates you.

Just think about it, what could be the reason behind his multiple cancelations?

To test whether he is canceling the plans because of you or not is simple. Next time when your friends make a plan, tell them that you won’t come and see if he agrees to come or not.

If this time around he doesn’t cancel the plan then it indicates that he hates you.

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5: He Doesn’t Follow You On Social Media

If you follow him but he doesn’t, what that could mean? Ask yourself.

If he is famous, then we can understand that he probably doesn’t know you well and that’s why he doesn’t follow you, but if he isn’t famous or studies in the same class, and still doesn’t follow you, it might be because he hates you.

6: Flirts Infront Of You With Other Women

When a guy likes you, he never flirts with other women, especially, in front of you. It is because guys like to present themself as loyal and trustworthy.

If you have caught him flirting with other girls, but he never says any flirtatious line to you, it might mean he hates you.

However, the possibility of this is quite slim. Also, guys who flirt with every girl are not trustworthy, so it’s better to leave a guy like that and find a better guy for yourself.

7: Ignores Your Calls

Does he never pick up your call on time? Ignoring calls is a strong sign that he doesn’t like you now or probably hates you.

Leo men respect their loved ones a lot, they are always ready to help people whom they find close to their hearts. However, when Leo hates someone, they try to ignore the person they hate everywhere.

They will start ignoring your calls or never call you back even after seeing hundreds of missed calls.

8: He Doesn’t Hold Longer Eye Contacts With You

Not making eye contact is another strong signal that he hates you now. When we love someone, our body automatically tries to make eye contact as long as possible.

Eye contacts are important in building chemistry too, it boosts some feel-good chemicals in our body as well, which makes us feel awesome afterward.

Leo doesn’t like to make eye contact with people they hate, if you have recently noticed that he is ignoring eye contact, then try to find out what went wrong.

Save your relationship before it’s too late. Talking solves many problems, so talk to him now.

9: He Never Tries To Impress You

He will put less effort to impress you or he will likely never try hard to get your compliments.

Also, he would not even look at you with a smile. He will always give you a boring face. Notice these signs, if he is continuesly showing you these types of negative signs, you should either stay away from him or talk to him about why he always acts as if he hates you.

What To Do?

There are two things you can do, either try to solve the complications between you and him or simply forget him and move on.

Again, talking works like medicine, no matter how bad your relationship is, it can always get better if you give your best to resolve the problems.

If you have already done tons of things but nothing is working, then simply leave him. Your self-respect is much more important than any guy in this world.

Running behind a person who hates you will always make you feel worst. It will make you think that you are a loser, and that could affect your self-confidence a lot.

Instead of wasting your time getting his love back, try to use that time in building your future.

When you’ll have more money and respect in society, a lot of better men will try to get your dates. Understand the value of time!

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!