Signs He Hates YouSigns He Hates You

It hurts a lot when we love someone and they don’t reciprocate that love, but you know what hurts even more? When someone we love despises us, it hurts terribly.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most obvious signs that your crush would give away if he hates you.

So continue reading because you will learn a lot of things in this post!

1: He Avoids Eye Contact

The best way to tell if someone dislikes us or not is by making eye contact.

Eyes are a direct way to the soul, eyes can reveal a lot about a person.

If he avoids looking at you, it may be an obvious sign that he dislikes or even hates you.

In truth, most men like maintaining prolonged eye contact with the lady they love.

In fact, when I was in college and in love with a girl, I used to stare at her several times and maintain longer eye contact with her because she was stunning, and I wanted to gaze at her all day, every minute, and every second.

Some shy guys, on the other hand, avoid initiating eye contact because it makes them feel bad.

However, your body will detect whether he is avoiding eye contact with you just because he is shy or because he despises you.

Your body is actually quite adept at picking up on vibrations.

Check to see if he avoids eye contact with you on purpose or if he merely does so out of shyness.

Remember that shy people often smile when a girl tries to advance; however, if he hates you, he won’t smile at you; instead, he would look unhappy.

He may simply despise you if he maintains a sorrowful expression and avoids making eye contact with you.

2: Limited Conversations Or Avoiding Conversation

You’ll notice that he never tries to prolong the conversation; instead, he tries to stop it and always appears to be in a rush, as if he simply wants to get out of there.

It hurts a lot when our crush avoids us and refuses to interact with us, but understand that it shouldn’t affect your confidence or entire mental condition because one person shouldn’t be able to ruin you.

You are much stronger than he is; just believe in yourself, and I’m sure you’ll find someone much better than him who appreciates and loves you.

Allow him to ignore you and not speak to you, but don’t allow your negative thoughts to consume you because you don’t know what the future holds for you, so be positive!

3: He Never feels Jealousy

No matter how hard you try to make him jealous, everything falls flat, nothing succeeds, and he never gets envious.

It could imply that he dislikes or even despises you.

When their favorite woman laughs or spends time with another man, men become envious. It feels like someone stabbed us in the heart.

It’s a terrible feeling, and it’s obvious on our faces.

As a man is envious, he normally tries not to show it, but as water begins to pour above the head, men begin to reveal signs through their faces and actions.

They begin to display signs of frustration and sadness, and their fury intensifies.

However, if he never shows any emotions when you try to flirt with another man in front of him, then simply stop trying to make him feel jealous as you are simply wasting your time and efforts.

4: He Flirts With Other Women When You Are Around

Have you noticed him flirting with other ladies in front of you while ignoring you as if you don’t exist? If you said yes, it’s an obvious sign that he doesn’t care about you at all, and you should recognize that he’s not for you.

Guys never flirt with other girls in front of the girl they’re interested in because they are well aware that women take this very seriously.

However, his flirting with other women while you are present demonstrates that even if you had a boyfriend, he will not mind at all.

There is probably no room in his heart for you, and even if you do enter into a relationship with him, it may not survive long.

5: He Never Attends Events You Are Invited To

You would observe that he consistently declines your invitations to parties, trips, and vacations.

When we despise someone, we hate even briefly being around them. When we are near someone we despise, we feel quite uncomfortable. Perhaps he doesn’t feel good at all around you, which is why he always declines the chance to be with you.

6: He Looks Depressive When You Are With Him

Another thing you may notice if he hates you is that he appears unhappy or depressed when you are present.

It happens to all of us when we are with someone we hate a lot; our faces start to look as if we are dead on the inside.

You’d also notice that he only appears sad when you’re present, not when he’s with someone else.

7: He Shows Closed Body Language

His body language can provide you a lot of insight into how he feels about you. But the fact is, you need to pay closer attention to him if you want to figure out what he really thinks of you.

He may despise you or simply have no interest in you if his arms are crossed or if his legs are pointing away from you.

Unbeknownst to us, our bodies send out a lot of information about what we are thinking. Indicators of hatred in the body include crossed arms, a sorrowful countenance, avoiding eye contact, etc.

So notice these signs whenever you see him or meet him next time around.

8: He Uses His Phone Every Time You Come Near

He never engages with you, preferring to use his smartphone instead of conversing with you.

When we are bored or do not want to engage with someone nearby, we open our smartphones and become hooked. It’s quite common.

So, if you see him using his phone especially when you are with him, but he never uses his phone when with other women, it clearly indicates that he isn’t interested in you.

9: Never Tries To Amuse You

Guys love making girls they like laugh as guys believe that girl love guys who are amusing.

But when a guy doesn’t like a girl, he never tries to make her laugh. In fact, he would find reasons to get away from her.

If he never tries to amuse you, it could mean that he hates being with you.

10: You Get Negative Vibes From Him

As previously said, our bodies are quite adept in detecting what others think of us. If he truly despises you, your body will begin to tell you.

Our bodies are quite good at picking up on feelings, and you will not get positive vibes from him; in fact, you will feel really bad around him.

11: He Shows Aggression

Guys don’t generally show hostility toward girls because most guys respect women so much, yet some guys can’t stop themselves from showing their rage when they dislike a girl.

If he gets upset at you and always warns you not to interact with him in any manner, this is a definite red flag that he despises you from the bottom of his heart.

You must not speak to such a person, even if you love him very much, because angry people can be really dangerous.

So, leave him and find someone better, someone who loves and respects you, and who, most importantly, never gets angry at you!

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