Signs He Likes You But Is Scared To Make A MoveSigns He Likes You But Is Scared To Make A Move

Does he behave awkwardly around you? Well, this could be the sign that he secretly likes you.

Like this, there are many more signs that can solve the mystery for you. In this post, I’ll be mentioning 7 strong signs that he likes you but is scared to make a move.

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Signs He Likes You But Is Scared To Make A Move

All the points I’m about to mention are based on my experience and the research I did online.

1: You Have Caught Him Looking At You Multiple Times

When we love someone, it’s really hard to not look at them when they are around.

If he is into you, he would definitely look at you more than once, and you may have caught him multiple times looking at you.

It is a sure sign that he likes you but is scared to make a move. Shy guys usually try to communicate through their expressions and emotions.

If you have found him looking at you from distance multiple times, I think you should talk to him. However, make sure to not make him feel uncomfortable.

Just say Hi!

Girls normally get a lot of stares, especially from guys. Some girls enjoy it, but some hate it. The look you would get from him would be a bit different, it would have a lot of emotions.

2: He Makes Intense Eye Contact

The eyes are the most important thing to notice if you want to know what the other person is thinking about you.

“Eyes are windows to the soul”, eyes literally communicate. If he holds eye contact with you for more than 3 seconds, then it’s not normal.

Through that 3-second or longer hold, he wants you to know that he has tons of feelings for you.

However, it’s not 100% true every time. Some guys instantly shift their eyes when you catch them looking at you, and that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you.

But, if he is making longer eye contact many times, then it definitely indicates that you’re special to him.

Furthermore, longer eye contact also indicates that the guy has a lot of confidence. So if you want a confident person in your life, he could be the one!

3: He Behaves Awakardly Around You

We all feel a rollercoaster of emotions when our crush comes close to us. It feels pretty weird, excited, nervous, and awkward at the same time.

Notice his body behavior while talking to him. You would see that he behaves differently around you compare to his friends.

According to Natalie Mica (Professional counselor), when your crush comes around you, the body involuntarily releases dopamine.

Some studies have revealed that our body feels quite amazing when dopamine kicks in, and it starts to react differently.

4: His Friends Face Changes When You Come Around Him

Some guys share everything with their friends. They even share secrets likes who they like, who they love, etc.

Notice how his friends react when you come around him, if his friends start to tease him or start to make excited faces, then there is something definitely not normal.

To find out whether he truly likes you or not, you contact one of his close friends. I know it’s not good, but I think everything is fair in love and war.

5: He Likes Every Picture Of Yours On Social Media

Liking one or two pics is normal and everyone does that, but if he is liking everything you post is a bit different, especially, when you aren’t following him.

Some guys think that liking pictures of girls can increase their chances of getting dates, sadly it doesn’t work.

By liking every post of yours, he is maybe trying to get your attention.

Social media is an easy way to communicate with the person we like, compared to meeting them in real life.

That’s why many shy guys take the help of social media to express their feelings.

Also, you would notice that he replies to your messages quickly, and his reply will be longer too.

6: He Never Says No To You

No matter what month, day, or time it is, he just never says no to you. Guys can do anything for the girl they like. It is just in their blood 😉

If he can literally do anything for you, you must not let him go because we get people to like him once in our lifetime.

Losing him would be bad, if he is taking a lot of time to reveal his feeling for you, then why don’t you tell him what you want?

Guys do not always propose first, sometimes girls have to take this risk first.

7: You Would Notice A Genuine Smile From Him

Notice how genuinely he smiles when he sees you. A smile can tell many things. However, catching whether the smile is genuine or not might be tricky.

Maybe the video below can help:

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