Why Do Girls Bite Their Boyfriends? (7 Adorable Reasons)

Having a love bite isn’t that bad, it shows how much your partner loves you, however, it sometimes raises a question in our mind and that is, why do girls even bite us?

Well, in this post, I’ll be sharing 7 reasons that will clear your doubts. So make sure to read the entire post, to get the complete info.

Before I start, I just wanna let you know, that all the points I have mentioned in this post are based on my personal experience and the research I did for this post online, so if you find anything not related to you, skip it, thanks!

1: It’s A Women’s Nature

Women are quite different than men, they think differently and their bodies act different compare to men, and when their feminine nature kicks in, they do these kinds of cute things. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s just the nature of many women.

Next time when she bites, ignore it or you bite her too, it will increase intimacy between you and her.

2: She Loves You A Lot

It’s a big sign that she is into you. Normally, a woman doesn’t bite her male friends, they do this to the person with who they connect on a really deep level. So if she bites you, smile because she really loves you.

However, if she bites you a lot, and you don’t like it, then you should tell her about it so that she won’t do it next time. If she is a good GF she will respect your decisions.

3: You Look Hot To Her

Your hotness makes her do these kinds of things. What do you do when your girlfriend looks hot? Let me guess, you try to get close to her and touch her, right?

Same way, women also try to go close to their boyfriends and do these small little things to let them know how hot they are looking.

4: She Likes To Dominate

Maybe she likes to be the dominant person in bed and that is her way of letting you know how dominant she is.

Some guys like girls who dominate their boyfriends in bed, but some guys don’t, if you don’t like it, tell her, so that she can stop doing it.

Clearing everything between you and your partner makes the relationship even stronger. Explain what you like and what you don’t and also respect what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

5: She Wants To Give You The Love Mark

It’s quite common to see hickey on necks nowadays, maybe she also wants to give you that.

If she only likes to bite at body parts that are visible with clothes, like the neck, chicks, or arms, then it clearly indicates that she wanna show the world that you’ve got a girl.

6: She Has Never Done It Before

Maybe she is just curious to know how would you react to her bite. However, if that is the case, then she might not do it again or will let you know why she did that.

Curiosity sometimes makes us do weird things, and maybe her curiosity forced her to bite you.

7: She thinks It Will Increase The Intimacy

Yes, it’s 100% true, love bits are proven to increase intimacy, so she isn’t wrong here. Couples do a lot of things to increase the intimacy between them, however, some fail and some succeed, but hickey AKA love bites never fail.

If you can bear a small amount of pain, love bites are quite amazing!

Are love Bites Painful?

Yes, they do hurt, sometimes, they hurt for weeks. So if you don’t like to bear the pain, you should stop your partner before she squeezes your neck with her teeth & lips combo.

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Do Girls Like Hickeys?

It totally depends on the girl. There are a lot of girls who like weird and extreme things, however, hickeys are something you can give to her, most girls enjoy it, but if she didn’t like it, then respect her opinion and do not do it next time, but if she enjoyed it, then I think you’ve got your answer.

I hope you liked this post,

Thanks for reading!