Things Girls Find Attractive In GuysThings Girls Find Attractive In Guys

If you search “How to attract women” in Google, you would literally find thousands of posts, guides, and videos sharing information about things you can do to attract females, however, most of the tricks they share are ineffective in the real world, or simply outdated.

You’ll hardly find any working tips in those posts. However, this post is a little different, I’m not gonna bore you by saying that you need high confidence, muscles, and personality to attract girls, every sane person knows that.

In this post, I’m gonna share 9 interesting tips that work really well. So make sure to read everything to get complete info!

1: Making Strong Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with girls is quite difficult, especially if you are an introvert. However, if you somehow master this skill, you can increase your chances of attracting pretty girls significantly.

Holding eye contact for a decent amount of time during a conversation is a sign of confidence, and many girls find it really attractive.

You may be wondering, how much time I need to maintain eye contact, well there is a rule for it. According to Forbes, you should maintain eye contact for 30% to 60% during a conversation.

Another rule says, you should hold eye contact for at least 3 seconds and then look away, and do it again for three seconds and then look away again. That way, the person you have been talking to won’t feel any kind of awkwardness.

Gazing at someone without any break might make someone feel uncomfortable, break it whenever you cross the three-second mark.

2: Talking Calmly (Heavy Voice)

Our voice can let others know about the emotions we are feeling. For instance, when we feel excited our voice sounds exciting too, and when we feel low, our voice changes again, and it starts to sound low energetic.

Talking calmly and without any hesitation will let girls know that you are a chill person, and a leader type too. It sounds sexy as well.

So whenever you are in conversation with a girl, especially a girl you find attractive, keep yourself calm and talk to her with a low-pitched soothing voice. She will feel something for you surely. It’s very powerful!

3: Acting Like The Main Character

Think like a hero, in fact, you are the hero of your life, so why don’t you act like that? Live your life king size bro!

Once you start to feel like the main character, you would be insanely attractive, believe me!

Go join a gym, take participation in events, and make eye contact with the hottest girl in your class, but just don’t sit and dream.

I know it’s easy to say but hard to do, but the truth is, you have got only one life, and no one knows what will happen after that, so enjoy and feel like the main character.

4: Taking Action

If you like her, then say to her. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, it never comes. Think about the opportunities you have wasted, you could have won her heart, but now you are just alone and dreaming about her.

Taking action is hot, girls like those guys who express their feelings. There are many guys who lose their love because they didn’t take action on time.

If you don’t want your crush in someone’s else arms, then say it! She won’t gonna kill you if you express your feelings, right?

5: Having A Talent

Having a trait is attractive. If you know how to sing, dance, or do something that can make you popular. You must not let that talent waste. Show the world your talent, your talent can make you popular.

And popular guys always get girls. I had one friend in college, who used to sing quite well, but he was short, like 5’6, but he attracted the prettiest girl in the class because his singing skills were amazing.

Talent can overshadow your drawbacks easily!

6: Having A Good Fashion Sense

If you can’t communicate well or don’t have any talent to showcase, you can still attract girls, but you have to develop another skill and that is called “Fashion”

A good fashion sense can make you appear different than other dudes. Also, good fashion doesn’t mean expensive clothes, you can look good even if you can’t afford luxurious clothes.

There are many guides that have covered this topic, the video below is one of them, watch it if you have time.

7: Coming Late

I don’t recommend it but I have to add it for the sake of this post. If you are a student, it is important to come to class on time or early so that you don’t miss anything, but if your aim has shifted towards attracting girls now, then coming late to class might help.

When we come late, people pay more attention to us, it’s a simple trick to grab attention and become different. Come late and look straight into the eyes of the girl you like the most.

She would feel something different, and it will make her take you seriously. However, it’s not as powerful as the other tips I have mentioned above.

8: Good Posture

Having a bad posture is a big drawback and you must improve it. A bad posture will make you appear unconfident and unattractive to girls.

Stand straight and use hand gestures a little more while saying something. If you struggle to stand straight then practice some posture-correcting exercises. Here is a guide by Healthline

9: Smiling

A smile can make you appear more approachable, and it indicates that you are a friendly person. Smile even if things are not going as per your plan.

A smile gives you the confidence to tackle the hard situations life presents to you. It gives confidence as well. A smile can literally make you very attractive!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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