why does he keep coming back if he doesn't love me

People say women are complicated, but trust me, men are complex to understand too.

I know you’re unsure whether he actually loves you or not. If he keeps coming back to you even after having multiple breakups, it might mean that the relationship between you and him is still alive.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 9 reasons why he keeps coming back into your life if he doesn’t love you.

1: He Still Loves You

After a breakup, most people leave and don’t contact each other, but if your ex keeps coming back into your life, then it’s a strong sign that he is still somewhat connected to you.

Maybe he is confused or doesn’t know whether he still loves you or not. I know it’s sounding strange, but the chances of this are quite high.

2: He Doesn’t Want Someone Else To Come Into Your Life

Your ex is insecure, he doesn’t want someone else to come into your life and touch you. If it’s true, then it again means, he is still attached to you.

Does he interfere a lot in your new relationships? If yes, it’s a sign that he is still possessive of you. However, if you don’t like his interference, just say it on his face, and sort out everything so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

3: You Look Great And He Can’t Lose You

Your beauty has stuck in his mind and he can’t get over you. Sadly, most men still care a lot about a women’s outer beauty than the inner.

Whereas, women care more about man’s personality, power, loyalty, and status.

Maybe your ex is unable to remove you from his mind. Your face is the only thing that comes to his mind when he thinks about his ideal girl.

If that’s the case, I’m sure he’ll come back and never leave you again. However, having a boyfriend that only cares about your looks is a bit of risky business because if he finds someone else better than you, he won’t take even a minute to leave you.

Always choose a man who cares more about inner beauty than outer. It’s hard to find a man like that, I know, but nothing is impossible, it will take some time, but surely you’ll find a better person for yourself!

4: He Wants To Make You His Friend

He thinks you can be his good friend. As I said, most people leave after having a breakup, but your ex is different, maybe he still wants to be connected to you even after a breakup.

Also, perhaps you understand him better, and he knows about it. He thinks you’re someone he can trust the most, and that’s why he decided to come back and be friends with you.

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5: He Wants A Physical Relationship With You

Jerks are everywhere, maybe your ex is one of them. He thinks of you as an object, an object that can give pleasure at any time.

If you have a doubt about his character, you must not ignore it. You should at least check his past dating history, knowing how many girls he has dated, cheated, or lived with can reveal a lot of things about his character.

Choosing a gentlemen man is really important. Don’t fall for jerks, they will always give you pain, pain, and more pain.

6: He Hasn’t Found Any Girl For Himself Yet

Loneliness is what draws him to your life. Maybe he hasn’t found a lady for himself yet.

If that’s the case, I’m sure he will let you know about it. Also, once he will find a girl, he might not come into your life again. He is just waiting for a perfect girl, nothing else.

7: He Is Going Through A Bad Time

We all go through a bad time, and in that bad period, we want someone who is really close to us and understand us quite well.

He chooses you, perhaps you understand him more than anybody else. Help him, he needs your help. As a human, you must not ignore him.

8: He Is Bored Maybe

Maybe you’re someone he likes to spend his time with you. It doesn’t mean he still loves you or cares for you, so make sure to fall in love with him again.

If the chemistry between you and him is still nice, you should not feel bad when he comes and meet you. Treat him like a normal person, that’s it.

9: You’re His Credit Card

Do you spend a lot of money on him? You need to stop doing it right now because he thinks you’re his credit card.

He depends on you, that’s why he keeps coming back to you. If you can’t afford his expenses, you should tell him, don’t be a fool, true love would never use his love’s money.

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What Should You Do?

Start focusing more on your career, that way, you can forget him and his memories easily. I know it will be really hard for you at first, but once some time has passed, you’ll feel better.

Focusing on career will make your life better, it will open variety of options for, with money in your bank, you can buy your dream car, your dream vacation, etc.

But crying for him day and night would make you weak. Stay positive, stay strong!

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