What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone (9 Super Interesting Things )

(Before I begin this post, I just wanna let you guys know that this post is not based on scientific evidence, it is based on psychics and gurus. Let’s go!)

The human mind thinks a lot; in fact, experts estimate that our minds think between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. That equates to 2500 – 3,300 ideas every hour.

So it’s obvious that after seeing a strange dream, we’ll have many strange questions, but most of the time we ignore our dreams because most of us believe that dreams have no effect on reality, but according to physics and gurus, dreaming about someone shouldn’t be ignored because it means a variety of things.

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1: Dreaming About Someone You Love

When we dream about someone we love so much, it feels great, it is one of the best dreams and everyone will love to experience it. However, because of this stressful world, we mostly witness negative dreams.

However, if you dreamed about someone you love last night, it is a very positive sign, it means that your relationship with your partner is about to get stronger.

2: Dreaming About Someone You Hate

As previously said, bad dreams are far more common than pleasant dreams. I’m sure we’ve all had a dream in which someone we despise steals our love or opportunity.

Unfortunately, it is not a happy dream because it signifies that something horrible is about to happen.

Dreaming about someone you despise indicates that you are envious of them. It also implies that the person you despise is about to present an obstacle in your life. Angels are alerting you to the possibility of an upcoming difficulty in your life.

3: Dreaming About A Stranger

In their dreams, many people see someone they have never seen before. It’s a very common dream, but it’s not a happy one.

Dreaming about someone you’ve never met before indicates that you’re not very proud of yourself; in other words, you doubt yourself a lot and don’t devote enough time to the things you want to do in your life.

It also signifies that difficulties are set to worsen. Furthermore, several studies have found that dreaming about someone indicates that you are under stress.

4: Dreaming About Fighting With Someone

Dreaming about fighting and winning is a positive dream since it shows that you are mentally strong and believe in yourself.

According to astrology, it indicates that you will overcome the problems that life will throw at you in the future.

5: Dreaming About Flying With Someone

We’ve all had dreams in which we are flying over the sky, but most of the time we fly alone; however, if you just had a dream in which you were flying with the assistance of another person, it’s a good indication.

It denotes that someone will assist you. It could be your supervisor, a teacher, a friend, or a member of your family. It also signifies that you are about to gain freedom, whether it be financial freedom, freedom from worry, or freedom from individuals you don’t particularly like.

6: Dreaming About Winning Lottery With Someone

Money dreams are always wonderful. It suggests that your future is about to improve; it is a symbol of progress, growth, sustainability, and good fortune.

Continue doing what you’re doing since dreaming about winning the lottery implies that you’re in the correct field and will soon be successful.

7: Dreaming About Being Cheated By Someone

Dreaming about being cheated by someone indicates that someone will betray you soon. In astrology, dreams of these types are very unfavorable, they also indicate that your love life isn’t going well. It means that your partner is not satisfied with you emotionally and sexually.

However, dreams predict future possibilities, which means you can prevent any unfortunate thing from happening if you take action asap.

Talk to your partner more, understand what they want, and act according to it.

Do whatever it takes to fix bad things that are happening in your relationship.

8: Dreaming About Someone Sexually

Sexual dreams are very common, they are both positive and negative. Seeing sexual dreams means that you are a healthy person, and your health will stay good, but it also indicates lust and greed.

If you recently dreamed about someone sexually, it indicates that you desire that person, and want to have sex with them.

9: Dreaming About A Famous Person

Dreaming about someone means that you are very motivated to be like them. It indicates that you also want to be famous one day.

However, dreaming about someone famous is not a very positive sign, as it indicates that you don’t take enough action instead, you just daydream that you’ll one day become famous like them.

If you have seen a dream like that, then angels are trying to tell you that you should start working hard, you have the potential!

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