Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just FriendsWhy Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends

A kiss is not harmful at all, it is a romantic gesture that people perform when they like or love someone.

There is not only a lip kiss, there are other types of kisses as well, like casual kissing, cuddle kissing, and many other types of kisses.

On one hand, it feels amazing when we get a kiss from someone we love, but when a friend kisses us, it feels weird, and a lot of questions raises in our minds.

In this post, I’ll discuss what it means when your friend kisses you. So, read the entire post to get complete knowledge.

1: He Secretly Likes You

Action speaks more than words. A kiss is not a normal action, especially, if it’s a lip to lip kiss.

It certainly means that the guy who kissed you has a lot of emotions for you. Maybe he likes you a lot but doesn’t have the courage to say it.

When we like someone, our body reacts strangely around the person whom we like. Maybe he couldn’t control his emotions and ended up kissing you.

In this situation, you should talk to him because he might be feeling bad after this. You can comfort him with your world if you like.

2: Your Flirting Made Him Kiss You

Were you flirting with him a lot last night? If yes, then I think you’ve got your answer. Your flirty words made him think, it is the right moment to kiss you.

Talk to your friend and tell him that your flirty words were just for fun, you didn’t mean it.

Also, next time make sure to flirt within limits because we don’t know what the next person might be thinking. Always be careful with your words.

3: He Thinks You Like Him

Maybe there is some misconception going on in his mind or maybe your actions made him think that you like him too.

If you don’t like him, you should talk to him and confess everything. It is important to sort out things because living in a fool’s paradise could be dangerous for him.

He will feel bad for some time, but eventually, he will come back from the pain of rejection.

4: He Is A Jerk

Chances of this are quite high, there is no shortage of jerks in this world. Maybe your friend just wants a physical relationship with you.

In this situation, you have to be smart. Analyze his actions, does he always kisses you for no reason, or does he tries to come very close to you every time he sees you alone?

These are some red signals which you must not ignore. Also, check his past dating history, check how many girls he has dated, or ask his close friends about his nature.


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5: Maybe It Was Friendly

What type of kiss was that? If it was a cheek or head kiss, then it was just a friendly gesture and you should not judge him on basis of that.

However, if you didn’t like what he did, then talk to him and let him know so that he won’t do it in the future.

6: He Was High

People say and do a lot of weird things when they are high. However, it is easy to catch whether the person you’re talking to is high or not. Their actions will reveal it.

If he was high at the moment he kissed you, maybe he didn’t mean to kiss but because he was high, he didn’t know what he was doing, his body reacted oddly and he kissed you.

Don’t judge your friend on this. Once he gets sober, he will become the guy you know.

7: He Wants To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

If it was a lip kiss, in my eyes, it can’t be a friendly gesture. It screams that the guy wants to come out of the friend zone.

Guys hate friend zone, especially, when they get friend-zoned by the girl they like the most.

When he kissed you, he might have thought that it will help him come out friend zone, I know it’s sounding ridiculous, but some guys are really weird.

8: He Was Trying To Impress His Buddies

You’re beautiful and his friends know it quite well. Maybe he wanted to increase his respect in his friend circle and he decided to kiss you in front of them.

Chances of this are quite low, but it could be possible. Btw, your friend is a weirdo if he kissed you in front of his friends.

9: It Was A Dare

Truth or dare is the game that I hate the most. This game forces us to do weird things and if we deny it, we have to tell a dark truth. Maybe your friend got the dare to kiss you.

However, if it was a dare, he will someday tell you about it.

10: He Thinks Girls Like It

Most men are unaware of what women like and what not.

T.V series, Films, and YouTube show us how easy it is to kiss a woman. Just kiss her and she will be yours. It is just a big fat lie, it’s not true at all. Sadly some guys believe what they are seeing on T.v and in Films.

Maybe your friend is brainwashed by those shows and he attempted that kiss.

11: He Wanted To See Your Reaction

He just wanted to know what you’ll do when he kisses you. But he will disclose soon why did he kiss you, he will let you know that he just wanted to see your reaction and nothing else.

12: Maybe He Never Kissed A Girl Before

This one sounds stupid but it might be possible. Maybe he hasn’t kissed a girl before and he just wanted to know what it feels.

However, if you didn’t like it, you can let him know because it’s important to know the boundaries in a friendship.

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