Are Slim Necks Attractive?Are Slim Necks Attractive?

Hey, do you have a slim neck, and are you confused about whether girls like it or not?

Well, you’re at the right place, in this post we will be finding the answer to this mysterious question.

Most guys don’t know that girls notice how slim or thick your neck is. A perfect neck size can enhance your attractiveness a lot.

However, most of us don’t put any effort to get a chiseled neck, we ignore this body part. Maybe after reading this post, you’ll change your mind.

Do Girls Find Slim Necks Attractive?

To find the answer to this question, I went on several forums, watched Youtube videos, and asked my female friends. Here is what I found.

Yes, the majority of girls like a slim neck, but there is a condition, the neck has to be long too.

If the neck is short and slim, most girls don’t like it. Also, it should not be too long, it should be in the middle range.

Long and slim necks appear sexier to a woman compare to thick, wide, and small necks. A girl would prefer to kiss on a long slim neck than a short and thick neck any day.

However, if you have a thick neck, don’t worry because the neck isn’t the only thing girls notice, there are numerous more things.

So if you can’t work on your neck to make it slim and sexier, work on other things like the jawline, confidence, money, and overall personality.

Chasing money is much more batter than chasing women because when you’ll have more money, all your faults will be ignored by the women.

Some of you reading this may find it a little offensive but that’s the truth. Most females choose a powerful man over an attractive man.

Slim Neck Vs Strong Wide Neck

Okay, so I just said that girls like slim long necks, but do you really need that? Well, the answer is a little surprising one, even though girls like long and slim necks more, you should still go for a strong muscular neck.

It’s because of the benefits that a muscular neck gives.

A strong neck can reduce the risk of knockouts, and concussion, and it can help control the whipping motion of the head, which in turn controls the velocity of the brain moving inside the skull.

I know you want to attract girls, but you can attract girls by working on other things.

Not having a strong neck can put you at a risk of neck and head-related injury which is a lot worst than getting rejected by a woman.

In my opinion, you should not let your neck stay weak. However, if you have decided to get a slim neck, then it’s totally your choice, and no one will question it.

Do girls Like Veins On Slim Neck

Yes, it looks sexy, however, there should not be too many veins. One or two veins popping out of your neck can make your neck appear really attractive to girls.

Neck exercises may help in popping some veins on your neck however it depends a lot on your genes and body type.

Some people just can get a veiny neck no matter how hard they work.

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How To Make Your Neck Look Attractive

Do exercises and remove the excess fat from there. And please don’t get a neck tattoo because only 10% of women find neck tattoos attractive while 90% don’t.

A cleaner neck without any tattoo is much more attractive to girls than a neck with ink all over it.

But if you have decided to get yourself a neck tattoo, make sure the tattoo isn’t covering all of your neck, it should be small.

The neck is the second worst place to get a tattoo according to girls, and the face is first. Avoid getting tattoos on these two places.

I hope you read something new today. Thanks More For Reading!

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