What Does It Mean When A Blinks At You?What Does It Mean When A Blinks At You?

Blinking isn’t a common body sign. It means tons of things, and today in this post, we’ll decode some hidden meaning behind this body sign.

Girls are mysterious. It is hard to find out what is going on inside their minds. Even women struggle to understand other women.

So keep reading this post because you’ll learn a lot through this post!

1: She Is Flirting

Blinking isn’t a common sign, it strongly indicates that she is trying to flirt with you. Girls usually don’t flirt with someone they don’t find attractive.

Maybe she finds you attractive and she is into you, however, you must look at some more strong signs to be sure whether she is actually into you or not.

Try to focus on the emotions she is showing while blinking at you. If she laughing while doing this, well, it might mean it’s all joke, she isn’t serious.

But if the blink is sensual, then there is something definitely serious, and you must take this opportunity with both of your hands.

2: Strong Chemistry

Blinking at you is a sign that your chemistry with her is quite strong. It is possible that you are the only one who understands her best.

Strong chemistry also tells that she trusts you a lot. Trust is something that doesn’t build overnight, it takes time to develop trust for any person.

Now, in a relationship, chemistry and trust are everything, which means, you have already completed the first stage, and you are just a few stages away from winning her heart.

Keep up the good work!

3: Eyes Talk

Perhaps there is nothing serious, she is just trying to communicate to you through her eyes.

Eyes can talk, and by blinking at you, she is trying to say something, but I guess you didn’t catch it, did you?

That’s why it is important to look at the expression she gives each time she blinks at you. Her facial expression could reveal a lot of things.

4: You’re Shy

You are a shy person and she knows it very well, and probably that’s why she does these things.

Blinking at a person who is shy in nature, would definitely make that person smile or blush. Girls enjoy teasing shy guys, however, it doesn’t mean she loves you.

Again, to be sure of whether she wants you as her life partner or not, you need to look at some serious signs, sadly blinking isn’t a very strong sign of attraction.

5: She Is Friendly

You are lucky as finding friendly people in today’s world is challenging. Blinking at you indicates that she has a friendly nature.

You should never lose people like her because they come rarely. They have the power to make your life wonderful!

If she blinks at you next time, blink back at her, that way, you would enjoy your time more. Don’t let your shy nature snatch your fun opportunity.

6: She Likes You

It feels awesome when someone likes us, but it feels better when the person who likes us is the one we love.

Even though a blink isn’t the strongest sign, but still it does mean something, and it means something positive.

If you like her, this might be a good time to let her know your feelings. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity slip away, it might never come back.

The pain of regret is bad, and it doesn’t go away easily. This is the time, this is the moment, tell her before someone else.

7: You Are Probably Her Best Friend

This might be both positive and negative. Girls usually don’t like to date their friends. If you are her friend for a long time, you are probably in a friendzone.

Coming out of a friend zone is nearly impossible, girls don’t find their friend as a dating material, they look at them as someone who is close to their heart, not body.

If you know you are in a friend zone, then stop dreaming about dating her right now. Don’t waste your time, instead date someone else, and find yourself a new girl.

But if you have become her friend recently, then make sure to let her know that you want something more than just a friend.

Being a friend for a long time would increase your chances of stucking in a friendzone.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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