Confidence is the most attractive trait in a man, but hair is not far behind. If you have got lovely hair, it’s highly likely that you do get a lot of attention from girls.

Girls love those guys who know how to style their hair well. However, not everyone has smooth healthy hair, some guys encounter male pattern baldness at an early age and they ultimately lose their hair.

But if you are someone whose hair is amazing and curly too, well, you’ll be going to learn a lot of good things in this post.

Do girls like guys with curly hair? You’ll find it out in this post, so read the entire post to get a complete info. Now, let’s begin without any delays!

Do Girls Like Guys Who Have Curly Hair?

Yes, the majority of girls love guys with curly hair. Their hair just makes them appear different from the rest, and that’s a plus point for them. However, you have to be good in other aspects too in order to win hearts.

Only hair won’t be going to do a job for you. However, girls do notice curly hair in men, and it’s a very positive feature!

So if you are someone who has got this rare trait, well you have already defeated many men! But make sure to boost your confidence and communication levels too, so that you can be unstoppable.

A man with poor hair and good communication and confidence can easily defeat a guy who has only his hair to show. Also, money is something you have to take seriously because those who make bags of money naturally have more self-confidence and an aura that attracts females.

In fact, if you are a teenager or under 25, you must focus on building your future better instead of learning tips about how to increase your female following.

Once you have more money, you will have more chicks too! Furthermore, money indicates power, and naturally, women feel attracted to powerful men.

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Why Do Women Like Curly Hair Men?

To find the answer to this question, I went on social media, read some articles, used forums, and watched several videos and I found that there are multiple reasons why they like curly hair so much. Let’s look at them one by one.

1: Curly Hair May Make Your Face Appear Symmetrical

According to studies, people who have symmetrical faces, appear more attractive than those who don’t. Not surprisingly, Hair plays a major role in making your face appear more symmetrical, in fact, if you know how to style hair perfectly, your face would always appear crispier and symmetrical.

Hair is quite important for your face, however, you can still look good even without hair, but it would be extremely difficult, especially, if you don’t have a symmetrical face.

By the way, if you wanna find out whether your face is symmetrical or not, you can read the post by (a trusted source).

2: Its Eye Catching

You may not know but girls notice your hair type. Curly hair instantly grabs attention especially if they are long. If you have curly hair and you want some extra attention from girls, increasing the length of your hair could be a great idea, however, it depends on you.

Sometimes longer hair looks bad. Some men just grow their hair, but they don’t manage them well, and that causes hair fall and hair damage, ultimately, it affects their looks.

Maintaining hair quality is quite important, not keeping your hair healthy can make your scalp itchy and you may see hair breakage and hair fall too. Also, some people claim that curly hair never encounters hair falls, but that’s just a myth, there is no proof of it.

Hair fall depends on many things, some of the most important causes behind male hair fall are male pattern baldness and poor diet.

3: It’s Artistic

Curly hair looks artistic. It’s like god creation at its best! You may think that I’m just exaggerating things, but no, I’m not. Longer curly hair just looks amazing. If you are actually an artist and have curly hair, why not grow them more, they will surely look fantastic on you!

4: It’s Rare

Having a rare quality instantly makes you different than others, and giving attention to different things is human nature. We feel attracted to people who have rare qualities.

Curly hair is rare, according to a study, only 1 out of 11 people have it. However, it is not as rare as blue or green eyes, but it’s still a rare quality and you should feel amazing about it!

5: Stylish

Curly hair is naturally stylish. People with straight hair or wavy hair do need comb and gel to keep their hair looking stylish, but curly hair people don’t need it. Even if they don’t comb, their hair will still look flawless.

Again, you must maintain your hair quality because that is the only thing that can make your hair appear bad. Limit things that can harm your hair!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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