do guys like being called cutedo guys like being called cute

Do you hesitate before calling a guy cute? Well, a lot of women do. Cute is a word that generally women receive as a compliment, however, there is nothing wrong in calling guys cute, they can be cute too.

Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Yes, the majority of young men do like being called cute, however, if the guy is older, like if he is in his 40s or 50s, he might not like it because the word cute generally suits someone who is younger or appear younger.

When girls call me cute, it feels butterfly in the stomach. However, I would feel a little odd if someone calls me handsome because I don’t think I look handsome, I am more on the cute side.

Btw, there is a difference between handsome and cute.

Handsome is the word that suits better to a man whose physical look is mature, charming, and attractive. And, cute suits the person who is younger, attractive, and pleasant.

Now let’s look at the 8 reactions you would get from a guy when you will call him cute.

Let’s begin!

1: Blush

His cheeks will turn pinkish or reddish, and he may not make eye contact with you for some moments because he will face a fantastic feeling inside his body.

Guys don’t blush as much as women, but when they do, it looks amazing. If he is a shy person, he would blush even more.

Blushing is the most common reaction you would get from people when you’ll praise their looks.

It’s an emotion that triggers inside the brain, and it releases feel-good hormones such as endorphins and dopamine, these chemicals are proven to boost mood.

2: Happiness

He would feel happy the whole day, by calling him cute, you’ve just made his day.

Happiness is something we all want, and surprisingly, happiness doesn’t come from buying expensive things, those kinds of happiness are just temporary happiness, the real happiness comes from receiving compliments, or from helping others.

Praising someone’s looks would lift their bad mood and make them feel good about themselves. It works as a remedy for wounds. You should do it often, praising doesn’t cost anything!

3: Confidence

People expect men to be confident, it’s a requirement a man has to fulfill if he wants success in his life.

However, becoming a confident person isn’t easy at all. Most men feel self-doubt, they feel like a failure, and their thoughts are the biggest barrier between them and success.

Calling a man cute might boost his confidence for some time, it will make him feel positive about his body. Who knows, maybe your one single compliment can change his life.

4: Better Bonding

He may start to like your company. If you’re looking to increase bonding between you and him, calling him cute is a really good first step.

But remember to not praise him too much, otherwise, he may think that you’re just making fun and you’re not serious about him.

Give compliments, there is no harm in that, but do it in limitation, and do it genuinely.

5: It’s A Lie

Some guys would ignore it, they may think that it’s just a lie. It’s quite hard to convince these types of guys because they are critics of themselves.

Just try to be genuine with your compliments. If he finds truth in your words and expression, he would find it true and feel happy the whole day.

Also, these types of guys are good at detecting what’s a lie and what’s not.

So, say him cute if you actually think he is, if your aim is to just make him feel good, it might not work as he would find out that you’re lying.

6: Shock

He might react like it’s the most shocking thing he has ever listened. Some guys haven’t received a compliment like this their whole life and when they do, it just changes their facial expression, they react weirdly.


It may sound strange to some people, but yeah, he may start to act like a simp.

If you don’t know what simp means, then let me explain it to you. Simp is a word that basically describes a man who chases women really hard, he can do anything to get girls.

Calling him cute might make him simp, which won’t be good for you, so only say cute to guys who you find likable.

8: He May Start To Like You

This word can do the magic for you. Yes, he may start to like you, but, it depends upon a lot of things, however, if you like him, you should never hesitate to praise his looks, that way he would notice that you’re not like his ordinary friends, your action will indicate him that you like him.

Again, don’t praise him too much otherwise, he might lose interest in you.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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