Do Girls Like Guys With Baby FacesDo Girls Like Guys With Baby Faces

Having a beard is an excellent quality because a nice and thick beard can make your face appear more symmetrical, and symmetrical faces generally appear more attractive than Asymmetrical ones.

Now, some men who have baby faces believe that they can never attract girls because they don’t have grown-man looks, but that’s not true at all. The truth is different.

In this post, I’ll discuss whether girls like baby faces or not, and we will also look at some other qualities that girls look for before choosing their partners. So make sure to read everything to get a complete info.

Now, let’s begin!

Do Girls Like Guys With Baby Faces?

Not surprisingly, the majority of women do like baby faces, it is simply because guys with baby faces appear cuter and more trustworthy.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Tom Holland, Daniel Radcliffe, and K-pop group BTS all have baby faces, and just look at the female following they have got.

If you think having a baby face is a disadvantage, well you need to think again. Maybe you are lacking confidence and that’s why you aren’t getting any women.

Your face does play a part in attracting the opposite gender, but it’s not everything. Confidence, money, and personality are something that women prefer more than a face.

Furthermore, women not only like baby faces, but they like other types of faces too. They think quite differently than men, it’s hard to tell exactly what type of face they idolize, according to research, women are most attracted to male faces that combine the best elements.

The large eyes and medium-to-small nose of the baby’s face with the strong jaw and wide cheekbones of the mature man’s face.

The research also stated that women prefer men whose faces inspire both their inclination to nurture and their desire for a sexually mature partner.

Beard Face Vs Baby Face

We have heard many times that women find beards very attractive, but is it actually true or it’s just a myth? To find out, I went on forums, asked some of my female friends, and watched several videos. The answer isn’t surprising at all.

Beard is a clear winner here! Women like men with beards, it just makes them feel more feminine.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t like men with baby faces. Beards can turn a woman on, but women feel like men with beards are not trustworthy, while babay faces men look more honest.

According to a survey, when researchers asked women, who they find most trustworthy, 20 percent said clean-shaven, 6 percent said people with a beard and mustache, five percent said those with only a mustache, and three percent said only a beard.

And when they asked who looks more intelligent, 18 percent said clean-shaven, six percent said beard and mustache, four percent said only a beard, and four percent said only a mustache.

5 Things That Women Notice

Okay, the face is the first thing that women look at but it’s not the most important thing. Having a great face is a wonderful quality but that just doesn’t guarantee any success in love. You have to develop the qualities mentioned below in order to be unstoppable.

1: Money

You may have heard that money doesn’t matter in love, girls don’t choose their partner by looking at bank balance, but let me tell you something, money is the most important and most attractive quality to have. Having a lot of money makes you different than the rest.

It indicates you are a high achiever. It also subconsciously tells women that you would be a great dad for their future children. Money just automatically makes you more attractive.

2: Confidence

Without confidence, it’s nearly impossible to attract girls. Saying even a “Hi” requires confidence. However, building confidence is difficult, especially if you are introverted. But the good thing is, you can build confidence, you just need to set some small goals in your day-to-day life and make sure you are completing those goals, or at least trying your best to complete them.

Building confidence isn’t easy, it takes time, so be patient and keep doing things that can boost your confidence. There are many great guides and books available online, search for them.

3: Dressing Sense

A good dressing sense can make you look very attractive even if you don’t have a great-looking face. Good fashion sense doesn’t mean expensive clothes, you can still look quite fashionable even with cheap clothes if you know how to wear them properly.

Increase your fashion knowledge, especially, if you don’t have any other qualities. A good dressing sense will surely attract women.

4: Your Body Scent

Girls do notice how good or bad you are smelling. It is really important to smell well. Ask your friends or family members to give their honest opinion about your body smell. If it’s negative, then work on it.

5: The Way You Talk

If you know how to talk well, or how to make people laugh, you can easily grab their attention. However, the communication level is proportional to the confidence level. The more confident you feel, the better your communication level would be.

Increase your confidence or simply start communicating with people more.

I hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading!

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