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If you have questions about whether you should wear a tie or not for a date, you’re at the right place. In this post, I’ll clear all your doubts about ties, and I’ll let you know whether women like it or not.

And I’ll also share some of the most important tips which will help you in getting her attention. So read the complete article because you’ll learn a lot of things about ties today.

Do Women Like Guys Who Wear Ties?

Yes, most women do like guys who wear ties. It tells that the guy is a pure gentleman and professional. It looks fashionable too if you wear it correctly.

In fact, according to a study, 72% of women prefer men with ties.

However, ties don’t suit everyone and every occasion. Going to a nightclub wearing a tie might be a terrible idea. But going for an interview with a tie-on would increase your chances of getting the job.

So, should you wear a tie for the date? Well, the answer is an absolute yes. In the survey, 72% of women it a turn on when a guy wears a tie on a date.

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How To Style A Tie

Okay, so you know women like ties, but you should not forget that styling a tie is equally important. One mistake can ruin your entire attire. There are a few things you consider before selecting a tie, and you should also know how to style it perfectly so that you don’t look odd and feel uncomfortable.

Btw, if you don’t know how to wear a tie, then read the guide by, they have explained it quite nicely. In the beginning, it might be a little difficult but after some experience, it will be easy for you.

  • Select 8 to 9 CM ties

Skinny ties (7 cm) are now outdated. They look too skinny. However, these types of ties may look good on suits that are fairly trim and that include a narrow lapel.

  • Select The Right Color and Pattern


Your dress should only have one statement piece. If you have got a bold suit or shirt, make sure your tie is more, not loud or bright. If you’ve got a really simple suit and a simple shirt, you can wear a designer tie. 

A black-tie should be booked for formal occasions. You can get out by wearing one to the office, but there are better looks to be included, so you may as well switch it up. 

Thankfully, most of the suits are either black or blue, which extends a whole world of color options. With a white or blue shirt, you can’t go wrong with most tie color options. Once you begin venturing into more daring shirt/suit colors, select a more subtle tie. You can get into the color idea if you really want, but normally, your instincts will direct you in the right direction. 

Go ahead and blend patterns, but make sure they’re not contending with each other. Switch up the size and print so that no two patterns are too comparable. For instance, you can wear a butcher line shirt and a tie with microprint, or a micro-check shirt with a wide-striped tie. If you’re still not convinced, you will never go wrong with a solid tie. 

Try not to overthink this phase. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with options and rules, but as long as you don’t have more than one statement piece in your costume, it’s hard to go wrong.

  • Select The Right Fabric

Select the smoothest (Silk) fabric. It plays a big role because the bad fabric may distress your tie over time, the right fabric will look fresh even after many years.

However, these types of ties may cost you a little bit more than ties with bad fabric, but in long-tern, it will definitely benefit you.

  • Four in Hand Tie Knot

This is the only tie knot you should know because it never goes out of fashion. If you don’t know how to do a four-in-hand tie knot, then check the guide.

  • Your Tie Should Hit The Right Length

How to know whether tie length is perfect or not? Well, finding it out is quite easy, your tie should land close to the middle of your belt.

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When To Wear A Tie?

When to wear a tie can also be defined by the dress code or how formal your area of work occurs to be. Dress regulations like “Formal”, “Cocktail Attire” or “Cocktail Party” usually call for a suit and a tie. Business casual tends to bend slightly more casual but a tie can be reasonable given the right scenario. One tip we love, try a knit tie in those less-dressy cases, they’re not as dressy as a silk tie and will give your look a calm vibe.

If you aren’t quite sure about dress codes, eventually you want to go with the group and let that dictate when a tie is suitable. Always being fashionable and a bit more dressed up is a wonderful thing most of the time. But, you don’t want to be extremely overdressing for events or workplaces that don’t call for it. It can be like you’re trying too hard or trying to stand out, and not in a good way.

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Bow-Tie Vs Necktie Which Looks Better?

Well, it depends on the occasion. For example, if you’re going to a party you can wear a bow-tie and if you’re heading for a meeting or an interview, a necktie will definitely suit you.

In my opinion, bow-tie doesn’t look good on everyone, and you should avoid them if you’re going for a business meeting. However, it is totally up to you because ultimately, you’re the one who decides what to wear and what not.

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Girls love guys who wear ties, it shows the guy they are dating is a gentleman. In fact, according to a survey, ties got 72% approval from women. SO if you’re thinking about impressing a girl on a first date. Wear a tie and don’t forget to style it perfectly.

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