Do Girls Like Hairy legs? (Shaved Or Hairy) Answered

Strong legs attract women and it has been proved, but what about hairy legs, do girls like them too?

Well, in this post, you’ll find every detail about it. I’ll also inform you about what type of legs girls prefer, shaved or hairy.

SO make sure to read the entire post, to get the complete info.

Do Girls Like Hairy Legs?

Yes, women do like hairy legs, according to a report, only 5% of women find hairy legs unattractive, while 30% of them find hairy legs attractive.

However, the majority of women didn’t give any specific answer.

So do women like hairy legs? the simple answer is Yes, a notable portion of women do, but most women don’t actually care about how hairy your legs are, they have other important things to care about, like your looks, money, personality, fashion sense, etc.

It doesn’t really matter how hairy your legs are if you have a great personality and a decent bank balance.

Instead of thinking about how to clear your leg’s hair, start focusing more on building your career because it is the best way to attract females.

However, if you’re already rich and successful, then you should concentrate on maintaining your body. Stop caring about your hairy legs for some time and begin concentrating more on making your legs muscular.

Muscular legs are hard to get and that’s why they attract a lot of people (both male and female)

Take inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo, his legs look like they are made of steel. Do your best to get legs like that. Also, make sure to never skip leg day!

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How To Shave Your Legs Perfectly

If you still decided to shave your legs, here are some tips that can help:

1: Make Your Leg hair Soften

Take a bath or just use some water to wet your leg’s hair. By doing it, you’re making your legs ready for a shave.

You can use exfoliate to eliminate old skin cells, oil, and dirt from pores. Once you’re finished with that, you’ll notice your legs are now quite smooth.

2: Use Trimmer For longer Hair First

Trimming longer hair first is important because going straight for a razor blade could hurt. Your leg hair might get tangled in your razor which would hurt like hell.

So make sure to cut down those long hair, and once you’re finished with that, proceed to the next step.

3: Create A Thick Layer Of Foam With The Help Of Your Shaving Gel

Buy a good shaving gel that can create a thick layer of foam. Remember, choosing a good shaving gel is crucial.

4: Use Your Razor Smoothly On Your Legs

This is the main step, be careful and use your razor blade nicely on every part of your legs that have hair.

Once you’re done with that, rinse it with water, and use a dry towel to soak the water present.

When to Shave Your Legs?

Okay, so as I said, leg hair is something which you should not give too much attention to because girls really don’t care about it much, but in some cases, you should shave your legs.

1: If You’re A Cyclist

Cyclist shaves their legs because it makes their post-ride massage easier plus cleaning dirt and wound become easier for them.

2: If You’re A Wrestler

Wrestlers engage physically with their fellow wrestlers which sometimes ends up in scratched hair and that hurts a lot. That’s why many wrestlers avoid keeping hair on their bodies.

3: If You Have got A Wound

If you have a wound, the doctor will remove the hair that is covering your wound. These hairs can stick to the wound and give pain to the patient.

That’s why many doctors cut the hair near the wound so that the healing process can be less painful.

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