Do Girls Like Hand Kisses?Do Girls Like Hand Kisses?

Kisses can make anyone’s day. It’s the best feeling ever, especially if you are getting it from someone you love so much.

However, there are many types of kisses, and even though every kiss feels amazing, but there are few kisses that can make couples closer more than ever.

Today, in this post, I’ll talk about hand kisses. Do girls like it? Should you do it or not? Well, you’ll surely find your answer in this post.

Let’s jump right into it!

Do Girls Like Hand Kisses?

Yes, a lot! Some girls find hand kisses more pleasing than lip or cheek kisses. Girls feel more connected to us when we kiss their hands.

It’s a gentlemanly gesture too, which girls like quite a lot.

A good hand kiss can release happiness hormones inside a woman’s body. These hormones will unlock pleasurable sources inside her body, and she will feel euphoric.

If you wanna make your girl’s day, meet her with a big smile and give her a good hand kiss, it will make her day in seconds.

It’s a sign of true love as well, so doing it from time to time can help you build stronger chemistry with your partner.

Pro Tip: Hold her hand tight, intertwined your fingers with her hard, and then kiss. It will make her go crazy for you!

Like this:

When Should You Kiss Her Hand

Tbh, there is no specific time. You can do it whenever you feel like it, your girl won’t mind it, trust me.

Also, if you feel like she going through a tough time or she is dealing with a lot of stress nowadays, a hand kiss is a must, as it has the potential to lift your partner’s mood and make her feel better.

Similarly, a good neck kiss can also be effective in reducing stress and bringing back happiness.

How Often Should You Kiss Her Hand?

Doing it once every day is necessary, especially, if your relationship isn’t as exciting as it used to be. A hand kiss can bring back the same energy you both had when you first met.

However, if you have decided to give a good hand kiss to your partner, then make sure you are doing it with passion. Without much emotion, your hand kiss would not feel great. Passion is crucial, it can make your boring kiss feel super exciting!

What It Means When Girl Kisses Your Hands

It means two things, she is in love with you, and second, she is turned on.

When women are turned on, they give signs, like touching, coming closer, laughing, making eye contact, playing with hair, and grabbing hands and kissing them.

If your girlfriend is kissing your hand, it means she wants your love, and she has an ocean of love for you as well.

Notice how passionately she is kissing your hands, the more passionate she is, the more turned she is.

Furthermore, girls find strong veiny hands really attractive.

A picture of a hand on Twitter got more than 30 thousand likes. It is literally a hand image, nothing else, and still got more than 30 thousand likes which absolutely crazy!

Girls love strong hands a lot, and that’s why some girls like to start with their hands when they are turned on.

What If You Don’t Wann Do Hand Kisses?

Do neck kisses or forehead kisses. Neck kisses can increase intimacy and forehead kisses can improve bonding with your partner.

If you love her, show it with the help of a forehead kiss. She will get the feeling that you love her more than her body.

However, if you wanna go dirty, neck kisses would be the best as they will make your girl feel turned on in just a few moments. They are crazy good!

Kisses on the stomach can also give pleasure to your partner. In fact, after the neck, this is the place where you should kiss to turn your partner on.

It will release a chemical called oxytocin in her body, which will raise her temperature and increase the spiciness between both of you!

I hope you liked this post!

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