Why Don't Guys Like Me?Why Don't Guys Like Me?

It feels bad when the person you like, talks to everyone else but you. It feels like we are not made for love.

However, things might not be as bad as you are probably thinking right now. In fact, you can easily fix this. You just have to put in some effort.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know in this post, and if you do these things better, I’m sure men will be waiting for you!

1: Work On Your Looks

Believe it or not, appearance is significant; in fact, it is one of the most crucial factors that every man notices.

If you are normal and do not have any genetic abnormalities, you should include items in your life that will help you appear better.

People treat individuals who have beautiful looks favorably. It’s the brutal reality of the world, and no one can change it!

2: You Appear Unapproachable

This might be the biggest reason why men avoid talking to you; there is a chance that you probably appear unapproachable, and you don’t even know it.

To find out whether you appear unapproachable to others; just ask yourself a few questions. Do you avoid making eye contact? Do you have closed-off body language? And do you never look up from your phone?

If the answers to these questions are yes, it indicates that you appear unapproachable to others, and that’s why guys don’t come to you or start any conversations.

There are a few steps you can take to appear more approachable. Some of the things are.

  • Smile: Smiling not only offers intrinsic satisfaction but also makes you appear approachable and appealing.
  • Make Eye Contact: Making eye contact can entice others to approach you. Maintain eye contact when greeting others and conversing.
  • Look Up: Keep your head and eyes up when walking around the office or events. When you look up and ahead, it is easier to make eye contact with and greet people. 

To know more on how to appear more approachable, you can check out the guide by Indeed.com

3: Stop Praising Yourself All The Time

Praises sound better when they are coming from someone else’s mouth. I’m not saying that you should never compliment yourself again.

Glorifying ourselves is a good thing as science says that those who praise themselves, feel more confident, but praise should be in a moderation, over praising can backfire!

If someone inflates themselves too much, especially, in front of others, then it’s a problem, as people don’t like those who honor themselves too much.

Society respects those who say less and work more.

So if you are someone who always praises yourself, you need to stop doing it now. Let others praise you now!

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4: Learn How To Communicate Better

Communication skills are crucial because they make it simpler for you to establish friends, have more fruitful conversations with others, and build trust.

Sadly, most women don’t have this ability since they never try to get better at communicating.

Although I am aware that improving your communication abilities takes time—and often many years—daily development can undoubtedly help you become a better communicator.

When you can interact with people more effectively, men will find you more approachable and attractive, increasing your chances of landing dates.

5: You Are Poor

This is another truth that you probably need to hear.

I think you are aware of the importance of money in your daily life. If you want to be more appealing, you must increase your income.

Money not only solves all of your issues, but it also increases your attractiveness since it shows that you have worked hard to get where you are and that you are an achiever.

Men appreciate women who take ownership of their lives and have self-confidence. Therefore, keep working hard and trying; once you get wealthy, you’ll see a line of guys waiting for your dates.

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6: You Are Not Famous

Like money, fame can also make you super popular among guys. However, becoming famous isn’t a piece of cake.

But if you believe that you can be popular, then keep hustling, one day surely god will bless you!

Also, fame doesn’t mean you have to become a celebrity, you can become popular in your college or in your school as well.

You’ll need to be extraordinary in something whether it’s study, singing, dancing, acting, or anything.

People who are unique automatically become super attractive, so if you have any skills then start polishing them now, or if you don’t have any skills, start developing one that can make you famous, but never stop!

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7: You Are Too Shy

While many men prefer shy women, some guys are not interested in them. In fact, I find shy ladies to be more attractive than extrovert women.

Perhaps the person you adore is looking for a self-assured, outgoing relationship.

You have two options in this situation: either change who you are and become an extrovert, or stop caring about him.

8: You Are Honest And Upfront

Truth can make someone feel extremely happy or extremely sad.

Unfortunately, in today’s environment, people don’t like to hear the truth about themselves.

Perhaps you are just being overly direct and honest without realizing it.

If you think you are straightforward and honest, you shouldn’t try to change who you are because people like you are uncommon.

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9: You Are Aggressive

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who is easily angered.

If you easily become enraged over trivial matters, you should address the issue before considering dating.

Men find aggressive women to be very unattractive. Start integrating activities that can help you unwind such as yoga, meditation, eating well, and exercise.

I’m sure people will like you more once you become less aggressive!

Thanks for reading!

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