Do girls like guys with mustache

Mustaches are quite common in countries like India, Mexico, Pakistan, Germany, and some parts of the United States.

In countries like India, a mustache is a sign of masculinity, however, it isn’t true, mustache doesn’t boost testosterone or any other body chemicals, people just believe it looks manly, and in countries like Japan and South Korea, men avoid mustaches, in these countries, it is a matter of hygiene.

Most Japanese and Korean women think that guys who have beards or mustaches are unhygienic. That’s why you don’t see Japanese men with facial hair.

But we’re not here to discuss whether mustaches are really a sign of masculinity or not. We wanna know the answer to a simple question.

Do girls like them? Should I keep it or shave it? Well, you’ll surely find the answer in this post, and I’ll also share some important info. So read the complete post.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

Do Girls Like Mustaches?

According to a study, only 6.44 females chose mustaches alone, while 43.27 percent selected a beard alone. However, most ladies chose a full facial coverup, with 50.29 percent choosing both a mustache and a beard as their perfect grooming choice. Also, if the mustache is not too bushy, then women may like you.

What does this study tell us? If you notice, keeping only mustaches on your face might not impress girls, you have to grow a beard as well.

Growing a beard could be hard for some men, if you’re one of them, then I recommend going clean shave because clean shave guys get more attention from girls than guys who have mustaches with no beard.

However, if you feel confident when you have your mustaches on, then do not shave them because a confident man is always attractive.

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Why Girls Don’t Prefer Mustaches?

Only 6.44% of women preferred mustaches with no beard, why is so? Why don’t girls like it? Well, here are some honest opinions from women. (Note: These opinions might hurt the feelings of some of you)

  • Most women still connect mustaches with old creepy uncles, worst of all — father figures.
  • Kissing a man with hair all upon his face is uncomfortable. They want you. Not your hair fad.
  • Mustaches look unhygienic to some women as they collect food crumbs, germs, snot, and god knows what. That thing is dirty.
  • Girls don’t want to make out with somebody who looks like the circus ringmaster. You’re hurting their capability to go into the creative world, so please don’t distract them when you’re a person hiding behind that strip of hair.
  • If you can’t get a full beard, hiding behind a mustache is the equal of hiding behind a comb-over. The man who is brave enough to shave his head in this case wins points with the woman. Women like hair — but only lush hair.
  • Mustaches make you look bad. Rarely if ever manly. Twisting your mustache reminds us only of things that need to stay in history, like big muscle men riding on unicycles. Sure, this may ooze masculine to you, but to the women — it just shouts insanity.
  • If you’re ready to go to a mustache convention to show off your facial hair, well Bob, it’s gone way too distant. You’re too connected to what your facial hair can deliver. I have no idea what may go on in these conventions, but it appears like a poor investment.

Do You Need Mustaches To Attract Girls?

Mustaches can help you in getting attention from girls, but not in the way you like. Women can easily notice your long mustache, but approaching a girl with mustaches on doesn’t always work.

Look, you can still get girls with mustaches if you have loads of confidence and money. Women have other things to care about like, how tall you are, how well you’re smelling, how nicely you’re treating her, how confident you’re around her, and how rich you’re.

Women do notice mustaches but if you have other things to show off such as your Lamborghini. Then women would ignore your mustache easily.

Also, if you can go clean shave, then please do it because a clean shave guy looks wonderful. In fact, according to a study, women consistently ranked clean-shaven men more attractive, experimenters at the University of New South Wales found. The study of 1,453 women involved them being displayed images of 36 men’s faces, with the first 24 being exclusively bearded.

Everyone is now trying to grow a beard, but they don’t understand the fact that a beard doesn’t suit everyone. Some men look horrible with a beard.

Who says clean shave guys don’t look good. Just look at celebs before and after pics and would see the difference.

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How To Get A Girl With A Mustache

If you decided to keep your mustache, then here are some tips for you.

  • Look into the eyes

Looking into her eyes while talking creates a strong connection. It shows how confident you’re. Try to look into her eyes whenever you talk to her, but don’t try to hold the connection for too long, just make the connection for a few seconds and then look somewhere else, and again look into her eyes.

  • Earn More Money

Look, brother, you have to earn money to get respect. Money is the only thing that can give you the confidence to fight this world. Women try to hide that they don’t like money, but in reality, most of them would never date a broke guy, they would always want a guy who is rich.

  • Wear Nice Clothes

Women notice it. Wearing great clothes gives you great confidence.

  • Smell Nice

WOmen notice it too. Guys who smell good can literally impress any girl.

  • Respect Her

Don’t be a jerk. It’s a big misconception that girls only like bad guys who treat them like sh#t, that’s not true at all, in fact, most girls prefer guys who treat them nicely and respect them.

If you’re serious about her, start being nice to her. But know your limits, don’t be too nice, if you think she is doing wrong, then tell it to her face.

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