Why do only ugly girls like meWhy do only ugly girls like me

Ugly is a word that no one likes to hear, especially from the opposite gender. It is quite rude to say someone ugly, most of us don’t even realize how the other person feels after hearing this word.

One of our readers asked a weird question to me, so I’m here to answer.

He asked, “Why do only ugly girls like me”.

I’ll give you my honest answer in this post. So make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info.

Now let’s begin without wasting any time!

1: You Believe That You’re Super Handsome

It’s good to believe that I look handsome, it gives us confidence, however, if you feel that you are the most handsome person in the world, then let me tell you something, you are not!

Even if you’re very handsome, you’re still not 100%, everyone has some downsides.

When we live in a fake world, where we think we deserve better because we are very attractive, we start to judge people on their looks, skin color, and wealth.

We start to ignore the things that are important, like the person’s nature, spirit, trustworthiness, and many other important things.

When you start to treat yourself as a normal guy, the world will look beautiful to you, and its people will appear beautiful too. Trust me!

Remove self-pleasing shades from your eyes and look at the world with your real eyes, you’ll love it!

2: You’re Not Rich

The glamorous models you see on television or social media, won’t date a broke guy. Money attracts fake people or “beautiful people” faster.

So if your main aim is to attract many models and go on a long drive on your Lamborghini with them, then you have to earn money.

Living a posh life is everyone’s dream, however, only some succeed in it because taking action is a lot more difficult than talking.

A famous person once said “you’re not ugly, you’re just poor”

Don’t want to date girls you find unattractive, then do something to earn more. Stop asking silly questions on the internet.

3: The Way You Look At Beauty Is Different

A beautiful face is temporary, but a beautiful soul is not! The way you look at people is just different, and you must change it asap, otherwise, you would attract many fake people in your lifetime.

Also, beauty doesn’t guarantee a happy married life. It looks good at first, but once time passes, it fades away.

Instead of looking for attractive faces and bodies, look for great souls. Find a person with a good heart for yourself, so that you can live the rest of your life happily!

4: You Judge People A Lot

As I said, everyone has some positives and negatives, but I guess you focus more on the downside.

Stop doing that otherwise, almost every woman will look unattractive to you. There is no one who is 100% perfect.

Set new criteria about whom you’re going to date, and place looks at the bottom of your list, and heart at the top.

Again, looks are temporary, running behind beautiful women feels good, but if she hasn’t got a beautiful heart, it’s a total waste.

Also, beauty will stay max 10 years, after that changes start to take place, and that begins to degrade beauty. However, a person with a good heart becomes even more generous after 10 years.

5: You Run For Fake Things

If you consider the beauty of a woman above her soul, it indicates that you run and care for fake things more in your life.

You’re not different, 99% of people care about fake things more, however, that 1% who doesn’t, live the happiest and most satisfying life.

Running for fake things will give fake happiness, and that happiness will fade away easily.

I hope you liked this post!

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