Do Girls Reply To Strangers On Instagram?Do Girls Reply To Strangers On Instagram?

Let’s admit, we all have sent DM’s to random girls at some stage, you don’t need to be ashamed of it as it’s quite common.

However, girls usually don’t like to send messages to random guys, and there are many reasons behind it, one the main reason is that they get a lot of messages every day from guys they know, so why would they start a conversation with someone they don’t even know, and most girls want serious relationships so it’s hard for them to trust random men, while the majority of men want a female buddy that can fulfill their sexual desire and that’s why they send many messages to random girls and hope that some of them will reply.

But does it happen? Do girls even reply to strangers on Instagram? Well, you will get your answer here in this post. So make sure to read everything to get complete info!

Do Girls Reply To Strangers On Instagram?

To find the answer, I created a new Insta account, uploaded some nice pictures of mine, and created an engaging bio. After that, I DM’ed 100 girls asking “Hey, Can I Ask You Something?”, I thought that I would at least get 50% success, which means I should get at least 50 replies, however, that didn’t happen. In fact, I only got 2 replies.

So I tried again, I uploaded some more pictures to make my account look more authentic, and asked some of my friends to follow me. I sent messages again to another 100 random girls, but this time I got 6 replies.

I was very far from my target of 50%, so I decided to increase my number of followers so I went to a site that was selling fake followers.

I purchased their plan in which they promised 100k followers. It cost me around 15$. After around 2 hours of purchasing the plan, my followers went from 16 to 100,006. (By the way, I don’t recommend buying fake followers as your account might get banned)

I DM’ed to random 100 girls again, but this time something changed, I got 21 replies, and that’s a big number!

I found that if you have a high number of followers, you’ll get more replies from girls. The numbers will increase even more if you have a verified account.

It means you have to be unique to get replies from girls.

Girls get many messages from random guys, so they can’t talk to everyone.

They will only talk to guys who have something different. So, instead of sending hundreds of messages to random girls, you should be focussing on how can you become popular on Instagram or in real life.

What To Do To Get Response From Girls

In 2012, it was possible to get responses from girls even if you haven’t uploaded your actual profile picture. There were not many privacy tools available at that time, but now things have changed a lot.

Facebook has released many great tools that can save you from strangers accessing your personal details. Now you are safer than ever.

However, because of these tools, it’s nearly impossible to get responses from girls, your message will go to the “requests” section, and girls don’t take this section much seriously.

But there are 5 things you can do to improve your chances of getting a response.

  • 1: Have A Clear Profile Picture

Having a clear profile picture is crucial, girls notice it. Use DSLR if possible to get a decent picture, however, if you can’t arrange a DSLR, then a phone is also another option. Avoid heavy filters as it will decrease the quality.

  • 2: Send A Question

A normal “Hi” will just not work. Instead ask a question, like “Can I ask you something?”, questions usually do well than normal Hi’s and Hellos.

  • 3: Increase Your Number Of Followers

I discovered that number of followers is directly proportional to the number of responses. If you think you have a talent that can impress people, then what are you waiting for, create reels, it can help you get more followers.

  • 4: Keep Your Profile Unlocked

A locked profile won’t let girls check your timeline pictures, so it will decrease your chances even more as they won’t trust you.

  • 5: Have A Nice Bio

A good bio might help you get more attention from girls, especially, bios that are funny. Girls adore funny guys because they make their mood better easily.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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