Do Men Like Women With Pierced Noses? (5 Things Before You Get It)

Many women want to have their noses pierced, but before you do, you need to know a few things, such as how much it hurts to have your nose pierced. How long does it take to get used to having a pierced nose? And do guys find pierced noses appealing?

Well, I can’t tell you whether nose piercing hurts or not, but I can tell you what the majority of men think about it.

So keep reading to find out everything!

Do Men Like Women With Pierced Noses?

The answer isn’t simple because it varies from man to man, but I can guarantee you that the majority of men find women with pierced noses extremely attractive.

In fact, I used to have a crush on a really gorgeous lady who had her nose pierced. Her pierced nose made her even sexier.

For this post, I asked many of my friends (mostly male friends) what they think of ladies with pierced noses, and the majority of the time I received a positive response.

I also conducted a poll on Facebook and posed the question on many forums, and the majority of responses were favorable.

Why Do Guys Like Women With Pierced Noses?

If you’re wondering what’s so unique about pierced noses, here are some reasons why males like them.

1: It Makes You Appear Unique

Fewer and fewer women are getting their noses pierced because they think it will hurt like hell and may not look well on them.

The truth, though, is that it doesn’t hurt all that much; rather, it hurts more or less like having your ears pierced.

Women who wear nose rings stand out from the crowd and get more male attention.

2: It Looks Beautiful

The majority of men would agree with me that a pierced nose simply looks stunning.

You’ll feel as though people are complimenting your looks more than ever once you have a nose piercing.

3: It’s Eye Catchy

A pierced nose attracts attention readily. Simply because it is uncommon and stunning.

A nose piercing could be beneficial if you enjoy attracting attention and are not timid.

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4: Make You Appear More Feminine

Yes, it’s true that many men today get their noses pierced, and it does look good on them, but in my opinion, ladies look better with pierced noses than men do.

Women who wear nose rings appear more feminine. Many males favor more feminine-looking ladies.

5: Good Vibes

Every time I see women with pierced noses, I get a positive sense and think they must be incredibly cool and sociable.

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Things You Should Know

Here are some things you must know before going for a nose piercing.

Not All Men Like It

Not all guys find nose rings attractive on females. So, if you think that flashing off your nose ring will impress the guy you find attractive, it might not work because there is a chance that the guy you like is not into nose rings and considers them unappealing.

It Hurts

A nose piercing hurts, not a lot, but it hurts. According to specialists, agony can continue up to three weeks, so be prepared to be in pain for a few days!

What Are Some Other Places Men Like Piercing


Ear piercings are extremely common; nearly every woman gets her ear pierced. Even though they are very ubiquitous, ears are still among the greatest places to get pierced. Ear piercing is quite appealing to men.


Navel piercing looks fantastic, and many men are admirers of it. However, it can be painful and uncomfortable, but if you want to significantly boost your attractiveness, you can get a navel piercing, and I’m confident you’ll witness an increase in your attractiveness.

Eye Brows

Eyebrow piercings are uncommon, with only a few ladies sporting them. Some men believe eyebrow piercing to be quite cool; nevertheless, keep in mind that eyebrow piercing may not look nice on everyone.

I hope you liked this post.

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