Why Do Women Like Their Hair Pulled?Why Do Women Like Their Hair Pulled?

Women are weird, they like doing many crazy things, and one of them is hair-pulling. In the videos, we see how actresses enjoy their hair being pulled, but do they actually enjoy it, or do they just act like they are enjoying it? Well, you are at the right place because I’ll explain everything in this post.

To find the answer to this question, I went to forums, watched several videos, and asked some of my female friends. Here is what I found.

Do Women Like Hair Pulling?

Yes, but only when they are in a mood. Normal hair-pulling can increase intimacy, and make lovemaking even more pleasant.

However, pulling hair too hard might ruin your partner’s mood because women love their hair, they don’t want it to fall or break at any cost.

So do it carefully. Also, like hair pulling, women enjoy other kinds of stuff too, like kissing, slapping, and hugging.

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Why do they enjoy it? Well, the answer isn’t simple. The minds and bodies of females are quite different than the males, doing all these things in bed might not be pleasurable for men, but for women, it works really well.

Gentle hair pulling can release pleasurable chemicals in a woman’s body, like oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

These chemicals can lower stress levels, and make them feel happy and satisfied. And, in today’s stressful world, you know very well how important it is to be happy.

Furthermore, not every woman enjoys hair pulling, especially those women who have weaker hair. So before you experiment hair pulling, make sure to take your partner’s permission first.

Also, hair pulling in real life is much more different than the scenes we see in videos, the reality is just far different. Any bad step could hurt your relationship, remember that!

Why Do Women Like Their Hair Pulled? (5 Reasons)

It Increases Closeness

Intimacy is very important while lovemaking, without it, everything will feel boring, and your relationship might not last very long.

Hair pulling is a great way to turn boring lovemaking into a much more interesting one.

If you wanna try something new, this could be the best thing to do. However, make sure to ask your partner first. Also, do it gently at first.

To Satisfy Their Partner’s Fantasies

Some women agree to get their hair pulled just to satisfy their partner’s needs. They don’t deny it even if they don’t enjoy it. Some women are real superheroes, they can do anything to make their partner feel good.

If she agrees to do everything you ask her to do, it means she loves you really deeply and it’s your responsibility to never break her heart.

Remember, any bad step can create disagreements in your relationship and can impact your relationship badly. So, never force your partner to doing something she doesn’t wanna do.

It Helps Them Reach Satisfaction Faster

Only a few women actually get satisfaction while lovemaking, which is a bit sad, it is most of the time due to less foreplay and bad mood. Hair pulling while lovemaking shows passion, and that stimulates some women.

The more stimulated she feels in bed, the faster she reaches to satisfaction. Don’t ignore these small little things that turn on a woman. In fact, do your own research, find what your partner likes and what she detests.

They Are Influenced

Online videos of various kinds are commonplace for everyone to view. Those kinds of videos are also seen by women; in fact, the proportion of female viewers is rising quickly.

All of the films we see swiftly shape our thoughts and compel us to try out the things we see.

Some Women Like Crazy kinds of Stuff

Some ladies are just as insane as some males! She is one of the rarest types of women if she asks you to pull her hair because most ladies don’t make demands like that. You are a fortunate man, tbh!

What Are Some Other Things Women Like?

Okay, so we just learned that most do like hair pulling as it can increase intimacy, however, there are some other things that are much more important than hair pulling. So, let’s check them out!

  • Hugging

A hug is one of the first things a couple should do to increase intimacy; in fact, many couples begin their relationship with one since it is so fundamental and significant.

If you offer your girlfriend a firm embrace, she’ll feel more connected to you because hugs release happy hormones and increase safety.

You can either hug her around the waist or over the shoulders if you’re not sure which to choose. The most important factor in a hug is its depth and emotional content; the sort of hug you give is essentially irrelevant.

  • Love Talk

It’s crucial to communicate before you start making out because doing so right away could backfire because she could not be into you or feel a deeper connection.

Women value love talks highly because they are more interested in being loved than in making love.

  • Eye Contacts

Perhaps you’ve heard that our eyes have a voice. It’s a really accurate remark since women find it difficult to feel enjoyed when there isn’t significant eye contact. A woman may feel more at ease and connected to you if you make eye contact with her.

Therefore, while you’re in a loving relationship, always make sure to look your partner in the eyes.

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