Do girls like thick thighs?Do girls like thick thighs?

Thighs are something that guys notice a lot but don’t tell anyone.

They do notice it but do they like it, well in this post, you’ll get your answer.

So make sure to read the complete post to get the complete info. Now let’s begin!

1: Thick Thighs look Super Hot

Girls may not find thick thighs attractive, but guys are a lot different. They find thick thighs highly attractive, however, they like it in a sexual way, not in a beautiful/lovable way.

And, primarily ho*ny guys notice the size of thighs, and you know what, most guys are ho*ny, but it’s not their fault.

Their minds are built this way. They have more testosterone and it kicks in when men see a curvy figure.

Naturally, men prioritize physical attraction more than love, and that is the reason why they notice breasts, thighs, and butt sizes more than women.

2: It Can Turn On A Guy

Thick thighs are a big turn-on, especially, if the belly is slim. A slim belly and large butt make the thigh appear even more attractive.

However, turning on a man is quite easy compared to a woman. Men as I said are more into sexual things. Most men don’t back off when they see a physical engagement situation.

If you want to attract more followers on Instagram or if you want to attract more guys in real life.

Work on your belly, make it slim, that’ll make your thighs appear sexier which could make guys crazy for you.

However, if you don’t want to attract lots of guys and some creepy men, then wear clothes that don’t highlight your thighs. Any big size cloth can help.

There are many posts and videos available on the internet that can suggest what type of clothes you need to cover the size of your thighs.

3: It’s Easier To Sleep On Them

Thick thighs can work as a pillow for your boyfriend, and believe me, guys love to sleep on a thigh.

Skinny legs on the other hand wouldn’t be comfortable at all. Sleeping on the thigh may look like a simple activity to you, but it’s proven to increase chemistry between partners.

Your boyfriend will feel more connected to you when he will sleep on your thighs.

However, if you don’t like it, you can always tell him. If he actually respects you, he will not sleep on your thighs again.

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4: Thick Thighs feel Smooth

Some guys like to play with their girl’s legs. Thick thighs generally feel much smoother than skinny thighs.

Thich thighs have more chubbiness and that feels amazing when we grab them.

However, you have to make sure that you’re shaving your legs from time to time, otherwise, it may not look attractive.

Most guys don’t like hairy legs in girls. Even girls don’t like hairy legs in girls.

5: Calves Feel Amazing

Grabbing calves feel soft like cotton. You may not know but there are many guys who like to play with calves.

Also, calve touch can turn on a woman. Touching calves can release oxytocin. It’s a chemical that is responsible for happiness.

So if you have decided to make your legs more muscular and slimmer, remember you’re snatching a toy from your boyfriend away.

6: Some Guys Find Thick Thighs Super Hot In Bikini And Tight Jeans

Yes, you don’t need to go zero-figure in order to attract guys in a swimsuit. Guys find thick thighs attractive in bikinis too.

I personally like girls who are more natural. I’m not into muscular girls, and believe me there are many guys who think just like me.

If you don’t like zero-figure, then don’t go for it. Instead, do normal exercises and take a normal diet.

Models pursue zero fugues because it’s a part of their job, if we ask them what they want, they would not want themselves in zero figure.

7: Thick Thighs Are Eye Catching

If you don’t like to catch the eyes of random guys, then I suggest you work on your thighs and make them slim.

Guys find it very hard to not look at thick things, it’s hella attractive. Again, thick thighs only look good if you have a slim belly.

A big belly won’t make your thighs look attractive, in fact, it will make it look terrible.

Does Every Guy Like Thick Thighs?

No! There are some guys who hate it.

It depends on the guy. Not every guy is the same. One of my friends told me that he finds thick/chubby thighs gross, it makes him feel uncomfortable, it’s a straight no from him.

So it depends on the guy and his personal choices. However, the majority of guys do like it. Ultimately, there is no straight clear answer.

Do You Need Thick Thighs?

Yes if your main aim is to attract as many guys as you can. Thick thighs attract guys and it’s true, but thick thighs give more disadvantages than advantages.

For example, girls who have thick thighs, struggle in moving faster. They run slow, they perform poorly in sports that require stamina and running.

It’s hard to find clothes too. Plus, many creepy guys would see you which could make you feel uncomfortable.

Also, thick thighs are more prone to stretch marks.

Some more disadvantages:

  • Crossing your legs
  • Dark Patches
  • Struggle to wear shorts and pants

You can read about some more disadvantages here!

What Are Some Other Things Guys Notice In A Girl

  • Your face

The face is the first thing that guys notice, if you have a great face, most of us won’t care about how good your “those” things are.

  • Your Smile

It can make our day. Smile whenever you can because you look beautiful!

  • Eyes

When you maintain eye contact with your beautiful eyes, it generates immense happiness, I can’t describe it in words.

  • Nature

We check how calm you stay in tense situations, and how good your temper is. We also look for how kind you’re towards others.

I hope you found this post helpful, thanks for reading!

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