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Having small ears isn’t common. Only a few people have it, so if you have one, smile because you’re kinda rare.

Sadly, there are some people who get negative thoughts because of their small ears. Some even plan to get an ear enlargement surgery, which is just freakish!

Most of these people are not aware of the fact that ears don’t play a significant role in attractiveness.

In this post, we will find out what people think of small ears, are they pretty or unattractive? We will also learn many new things, so make sure to read the entire post to get the complete information.

Now let’s begin!

Are Small Ears Ugly?

Well, the answer isn’t straightforward. It depends, If your head size isn’t matching well with your ears, people might find it a little odd, or in simple words, unattractive.

There is no general size, but if I would have to give you a number, I would say, 3.5 Inches for men and 3 inches for women.

A grown person (above 18) should have ears longer than 3.5 inches. Still, it depends on the head size of the person.

Remember one thing, when someone looks at you, most of the time, they look at your eyes, lips, and overall facial structure, only a limited number of people would care about the size of your ears.

Caring too much about the size of ears is dumb, instead, enhance your other facial features, like your jawline, eyebrows, beard, hair, etc.

However, having small ears sometimes gets comments like, “aww your ears are so tiny”, which of course doesn’t sound pleasing.

3 Problems With Small Ears

Both big and small ears have their own advantages and disadvantages. But in this post, we are only discussing the disadvantage of having small ears.

1: Ear Buds Don’t Fit Well

This is the biggest problem people with small ears face. It feels frustrating when one of the buds falls. It breaks the whole mood and doesn’t let us enjoy the song.

2: People Give Weird Comments When They Notice It

“Hey, look at him, his ears are so tiny” Do you hear properly?

These statements are common for small ear people.

3: People Assume That We Can’t Hear As Good As Them

This is absolutely not true. The size of the ears doesn’t affect the hearing power. Let’s understand it better.

Can people with bigger noses smell something from 2km away? No! They can’t, big nose doesn’t mean they have more smelling power. Just like that, massive ears don’t guarantee better hearing.

Exercise For Ears

Instead of focusing on the size of your ears, focus on increasing the listening power of your ears by doing these simple exercises.


1. Puzzles

Your ears receive sounds, but your brain functions all the wonderful, (and maybe not so great,) voices that you hear.

So, maintaining your brain healthy can help to keep your hearing healthy too.

Riddles like Sudoku, crosswords, and word searches support maintaining healthy brain tissue and the neural connections required for processing sensory information.

2. Meditation

Stress and anxiety can also negatively affect your brain, which may negatively influence your hearing.

Find a peaceful spot, close your eyes and concentrate on taking slow, deep breaths. Doing this for as small as five minutes a day may help enhance your brain’s ability to process sounds.

3. Daily Physical Exercise

Daily physical activity can increase blood circulation in your ears and brain, which allows you to improve nerve functions and expel wastes and toxins from your body.

Note: If you are exercising while hearing music through headphones, be sure not to turn the music up too loud as this can harm your hearing over time. 

Yoga is a suggested exercise to improve your hearing; it combines the ease of meditation with the health benefits of a good workout!

4. Sound Focus Exercise

One of the best ways to keep your hearing healthy is to practice hearing! Find two sound sources of your choice, such as a radio or a phone, and put each one in a different part of a room.

Turn up the volume on both sound sources to make a noisy, (but still hearing-safe,) condition. Have somebody walk around the room reading a piece of text.

Close your eyes and attempt to repeat the text back to the person sentence by sentence.

5. Sound Location

This activity can help enhance how fast you locate the source of different sounds, which is important when communicating with others in loud environments.

Use an object that makes a redundant or consistent noise and have someone hide it somewhere in a noisy environment. Follow the sound as best as you can to locate the object.

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Should You Go For Surgery Just To Increase The Size Of Your Ears?

Well, I’m not a doctor, for this, you must consider talking to someone who knows about surgery better than me.

However, I would say, if your ear’s size isn’t matching with each other, or if you’re having a problem while hearing something clearly, or the size of your ears is very small (like less than 1 inch) in that case, you might consider getting surgery.

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