What is Sigma Male And How To Become A Sigma Male (Ultimate Guide)

In recent times, there has been a buzz around the term Sigma male, and many people have enjoyed becoming a sigma male.

The term Sigma male refers to the male becoming a more confident and successful person in terms of career, relationships, and physique.

However, the path to becoming one needs guidance, and patience as this is key to placing trust in the process.

Nofap has an integral link to becoming a Sigma male and in fact, it is the foundation to becoming a sigma male, as nofap instills confidence inside of you, which gives you the energy to pursue the goals.

Below, as several ways in which to instill confidence, which is tied to NoFap.


Everyone wants to be successful and have a relationship in their life, whoever any men nowadays have resorted to Simping, as a means of engaging with girls.

Simping by definition is obsessive emotional attachment and obsession over someone in the hopes of winning over them, regardless of the women’s feelings towards you.

In context, this would be something like buying a girl chocolate every day or retexting after you have texted asking why haven’t you replied.

There is something that should be addressed if you already have a girlfriend, and you do this sort of stuff then it is okay, but unfortunately, there are people out that do this sort of stuff even if they are just friends.

The problem with this is that girls see you as a needy guy who wants a relationship or a sexual favor of some sort.

Even though many men would see this as okay, girls actually don’t like this, because it comes off needy and desperation for attention, for example, if someone you found mildly attractive every day comes up to you asking why haven’t you replied to their texts or in some instances something extreme like can I do your homework for you.

The two consequences that stem from this are that one you are probably going to use that person as much as you can to do your homework and the other is that you are going to get pretty annoyed.


The rat race is essentially the 9-5 cycle. Imagine the cycle in which for forty years every day you go to work for a company making the rich and retiring around 60 only giving you 20 years of retirement to live your dream and live with your family.

A sigma male is successful with his career to the point that he could retire and provide his family with all the luxury items he possesses and lives his free life now and do whatever it takes.

You maybe be wondering how this is truly possible well the way to this is through business or having a rich six-figure career.

Because in all honesty stuff your passion if you are following it and struggling to put food on the table or unable to live the life that you want.

A sigma male like I said is successful in his career and provides for his family whilst also providing them with a luxurious lifestyle.

The way NoFap assists in a way is that it gives you the energy to use, and for example, if you are watching X-rated videos for two-three hours a day then you are wasting time that you can be using to develop your business.

If you are young and still in your parent’s home there is nothing to lose and if you get successful you will be out of the rat race.


Sigma male is someone who is successful in all aspects of life, including maintaining fitness.

Being fit and being on a healthy diet from an early age have positive results in the future.

A sigma male has a good physique, and at least has good muscle tone. Another reason this is effective is that exercise is beneficial to your mental health and your productivity in terms of other goals.

This also gives you a bit of downtime to relax and take your mind off other stuff.

The other obvious reason is female attraction increases because women like someone who takes care of themselves as well as their bodies.


Grooming is a must as if you are untidy and not well-presented girls and other people will notice.

This will give the impression that the person doesn’t take care of themselves, nor cares about what they look like. An essential step for proper grooming that men should do to become sigma is

  • Cut your nails to the right length
  • Apply a signature cologne (Recommend Dior)
  • Make your teeth white and clean regularly.
  • Comb you hair

The reasons why I have added these in is because girls look for these and find these particularly attractive, start off with a daily routine with these and then work your way up.

So that is it for this week guys, these steps are something men 99% of them don’t do, and if you do these you will be 1% that will become a sigma male.

Thanks till next time!