Do Men Find Stretch Marks Attractive?Do Men Find Stretch Marks Attractive?

Nobody wants stretch marks on their bodies, yet they can arise for a variety of reasons, including puberty growth spurts, pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain, and weight training when you have quick muscle growth.

Stretch marks are unfortunately extremely common; according to one study, over 90% of pregnant women and 70% of adolescent females have stretch marks.

It begs the question, are stretch marks unattractive? How do men perceive them? and many more.

We’ll find out what the majority of men believe about stretch marks in this article.

So make sure to read the entire post to gain complete knowledge.

Do Men Find Stretch Marks Attractive?

The answer isn’t simple; it varies from man to man; some men find stretch marks completely ugly, while others don’t mind stretch marks on their partners.

I ignore my girlfriend’s stretch marks as I have more important things to think about. Her lovely face overshadows her stretch marks.

In fact, if your stretch marks aren’t severe, most guys will disregard them.

Places Where Stretch Marks Look Beautiful

While stretch marks on the arms or the stomach may not be particularly beautiful, there are some areas where they can look beautiful.


Stretch marks on hips look sexy to many men. In fact, I like them too.

If you have stretch marks on your hips, you don’t need to feel much worse as most men would not mind hip stretch marks.

Many women think too much about themselves and end up having surgery, which costs a lot of money.

You don’t have to do anything like that because surgery is risky and expensive.


Thighs, like hips, have a lot of fat, which increases the likelihood of stretch marks.

The majority of guys will not mind if you have stretch marks on your thighs, particularly on the inner thigh. Stretch marks on the thighs are quite attractive.

However, if the marks are excessively prominent, some men may find them unappealing.

Excessive stretch marks are unsightly and can form on the thighs.

To lessen the appearance of stretch marks, use creams suggested by your doctor. If possible, avoid surgery because it is risky and expensive.

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Why Some Men Like Stretch Marks

As I said, some men like stretch marks, here couple of reasons why they like them.

They Show You Have Gone Through A Massive Transformation

Stretch marks typically show up when someone undergoes a significant change. For instance, one of my buddies, who is only 5 feet 9 inches tall, used to weigh around 300 lb.

He put up the hard work and lost about 120 pounds in a year. But now, particularly around his tummy, he has stretch marks.

But he is quite proud of it because those stretch scars serve as a constant reminder that he has achieved the impossible.

There are many males who value radical change.

If you have stretch marks from losing a lot of weight recently, smile and know that you are a strong woman. The stretch marks won’t last forever; just be patient.

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Some Men Like Imperfection

Everyone is trying to be perfect even though they know that becoming perfect is impossible.

A lot of men find imperfections really attractive.

In fact, there are 15 so-called imperfections women obsess over but men love, one of those imperfections is stretch marks.

If you believe that fixing your stretch marks will make you a perfect-looking woman, well, you are wrong, once your stretch marks lighten up, you’ll start to worry about other things, this cycle never ends.

So be happy always, and enjoy your imperfections.

But if you still won’t change, you can change yourself and reduce the stretch marks.

There are various online resources that can be helpful, but keep in mind that the procedure will take a long time because stretch marks don’t disappear overnight.

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