How To Ignore Someone you love

Okay, so you love her more than anyone else, and you can’t spend even a second without her, but now suddenly, you want to ignore her because of some reason, well ignoring may seem like a very simple thing, but in reality, it is incredibly difficult, in fact, it is next to impossible.

However, I’ve some ways that can help you in ignoring someone you love from the heart. But ultimately, it depends on you and your willpower because as a blogger I can only share tips that may help but in the end, you’re the one who takes action.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1. Be Busy (Act Busy)

Why you’re giving so much attention to her? Giving too much attention to someone can backfire sometimes. Women most of the time ignore guys who chase them too hard.

Instead of chasing her, try to ignore her, and how can you ignore her? Well, the answer is simple, be busy! Go join a gym or get a job, or focus more on your study. If you can’t do any of these things, then spend some time with your friends.

Spending your time with friends can help you divert your mind from someone you love. And, also don’t stay awake too long, otherwise, her feelings will crush your mind and force you to message her.

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2. Uninstall Social Media For Some time

Social media are evil, they force us to spend our valuable time. Companies like Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat spend millions of dollars to make it engaging. Their AI learns what you like and always presents things you would engage with.

Not many people are aware of the evilness of social media. However, we can’t deny the fact that social media have some advantages as well. It connects people all around the world, it makes people happy by sharing unique videos/images.

Spending too much time may force you to send her a message or like her pictures. Which won’t be good if you have decided to ignore her.

So, uninstall social media for some time and spend, it not only helps to ignore someone but also saves a lot of time which you can utilize to make yourself even better.

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3. Don’t Make Eye Contact With Her

I know this is the most obvious point but it is also the most effective and difficult one. If you see her somewhere looking at you, simply turn your head and avoid eye contact.

But don’t do it too aggressively otherwise it won’t be good for you as she may think you hate her. You don’t wanna hate her you just wanna ignore her. So turn your head nicely and focus your eyes on something else.

Making strong eye contact with someone, subconsciously, tell that you’re into her. Btw, girls love strong eye contact, but if you want to ignore someone, then ignore making eye contact with them.

It will generate curiosity in her mind, she will begin to think wy are you ignoring her.

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4. Avoid Places Where She Goes

Another difficult point to follow, especially, if you love her. Don’t be a chaser make her chase you. Following her wherever she goes won’t help you, instead, it will make you look like a creepy person.

Also, visiting places where she goes will generate strong motions inside your head which will eventually force you to talk to her, and ultimately, you won’t be able to ignore her.

So stay strong, stop yourself from chasing her. Be an alpha and try not to fall for her. Let her follow you!

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5. Stop Talking To Her or Limit Your Conversation

If you both belong to the same college or workplace, then, of course, you can’t avoid places where she goes. So now, either completely stop talking to her or limit your conversations with her.

Only talk to her when it’s really important, and try not to make your conversation enjoyable, instead be boring and talk straight to the point. I know I’m sounding terrible, but this is what you have to do to ignore her.

Also, do not give her compliments, and wishes. Detach yourself from her, giving compliments to her will show that you still like her or care about her.

However, don’t be rude, if everyone is wishing her, then you can wish her too, but make sure your wish is not sounding like you’re really excited about it.

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6. Don’t Talk About Her With Your Freinds

We have many friends, but trusted friends are only a few. Telling everyone that you like her, but ignoring her when she comes around you, won’t help at all.

Be real, if you’re ignoring her, ignore her everywhere, don’t talk about her, don’t look at her pictures, and don’t share her stories with anyone.

Keep your emotions in your mind, and try to eliminate these emotions one by one. It will take time, but after some time, you’ll see that you don’t care about her as much as you used to do.

(Pro Tip: Ignore Her Freinds Too, and don’t share your feeling about her with her friends)

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7. Don’t Listen To Sad Songs

Sad songs may generate immense emotions about her in your mind. Instead listen to Rap music or rock, pop, etc. Sad songs play with your mind and heart, those heart-touching lines will force you to talk to her or chase her, and you don’t wanna do that, right?

Whenever you get the choice to select between a sad song or any other type of music, DO NOT SELECT SAD SONG!

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Why You Should Not Chase Her Too Much

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However, there is a line that gets crossed when your pursuit shifts into chasing. At first, it may not appear too bad, but as noted in the book He Who Finds A Wife,  a man will ultimately start to look desperate (thirsty), and women do not find that appealing.

As a man you to find the right amount of showing action and desire, without taking things unnecessarily too far. If a woman isn’t respecting your efforts, then she likely just isn’t interested.

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Ignoring the love of your life isn’t simple, in fact, it is the hardest thing to do, but sometimes it becomes important, especially, if you’re not getting the attention you deserve.

To ignore her, you can simply cut yourself from her life by limiting conversation and interactions with her.

Furthermore, you can unfollow her on social media or uninstall social media for some time. But in the end, it totally depends on you and your willpower.

Reading an article about how to ignore someone you love can only share tips, but ultimately, you’re the one who takes action.

At last, I would say, do not chase someone who doesn’t give the respect you deserve, be a real man!

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