He Calls Me Multiples TimesHe Calls Me Multiples Times

Calling someone once or twice is pretty common, and those who are in love often phone their partner at least once a day to check in and see how their day is going.

But when your boyfriend or a person you know starts calling you, say, 20 times a day, something feels off.

If you are dealing with a guy calling you multiple times each day, this post may be of use to you.

Let’s examine the possible meanings of a guy calling a woman several times per day.

1: He’s Insecure

His repeated calls to you reveal his extreme insecurity. Maybe he’s just naturally insecure, or maybe he gets particularly envious when he sees you with other guys.

Normal guys who are secure in themselves don’t phone their girlfriends many times a day; instead, they prefer to text or meet in person.

Even when I have time, I have never called my girlfriend more than once a day since I much prefer face-to-face communication than hearing her voice on the phone. Just my preference; not all males are created equal.

The reason your lover keeps calling to ask how you’re doing could be that he’s genuinely suspicious of you. He must be spoken to and told if you don’t like the way he is acting.

2: He Has A Lot Of Free Time

The most obvious point is that a busy individual would never call his girlfriend several times because he will not have time for this.

Maybe he doesn’t have work right now, or his job doesn’t need much of his time.

Whatever the case may be, it’s evident that he has a lot of spare time and would like to spend it talking to you on the phone.

3: He Loves Talking On the phone

Perhaps he is one of those uncommon men who enjoy conversing on the phone. Sorry if I offended you, but I’ve discovered that mostly women enjoy talking on the phone, however, most guys dislike having lengthy phone talks.

However, as previously stated, there are many different sorts of guys; some despise chatting on the phone, while others adore it and spend a significant amount of time doing so with their partner.

You’d notice that he has lengthy phone conversations with everyone he knows, not just you.

4: He Loves You Madly

Nowadays, it’s rare to find true love because most individuals chose their partners out of lust rather than out of love.

Strangely, him phoning you numerous times a day may indicate that he loves and cares deeply for you.

I mean this is a strange method to express your love for your lover, but try to understand that when individuals fall in love, they lose sight of right and wrong.

Perhaps he calls you repeatedly so that you can stay in touch with him because he simply cannot survive for even a moment without you.

5: It’s His First Relationship And He’s Extremely Excited

It’s possible that this is his first relationship, and he can’t contain his excitement.

When we first start dating, it feels awkward and exhilarating all at the same time; some guys become mute and are too timid to communicate to their partner, while others want to talk to their partner every second.

Perhaps he is the second type of person who enjoys communicating with his girlfriend.

If you don’t like his contacting you 20 times a day, you must talk to him about it and find a solution.

I’m confident that he will stop contacting you repeatedly in a day if you explain to him why doing so is a terrible idea. He is probably just too excited right now.

6: He’s Quite Lonely

You might be surprised to learn that 33% of individuals worldwide experience loneliness.

Being alone is a terrible feeling; I know because I’ve experienced it, and I’m pretty sure you have too at some point in your life, or maybe even right now.

When we are lonely, we engage in a variety of behaviors to combat the negative feelings that arise, including using our phones, sending texts, watching movies, and conversing with those who are close to us.

Perhaps he feels particularly lonely these days and has no one else to talk to but you. Maybe he wants you to make him feel good

7: He Loves Sharing Things With You

If he frequently tells you recent events that happened to him or if he tells you many stories over the phone, it may indicate that he prefers to share all the daily events that occur in his life rather than keeping them to himself.

Men of this type like phone conversations and can chat for hours on end. They never run out of things to say; they just speak more.

Although it could frustrate you a little, if you love him, you should just listen to him and occasionally share your stories with him because doing so will strengthen your relationship. But if you don’t like it, explain him politely.

8: He’s A Weirdo

Maybe he’s just a weirdo who phones you and everyone else he knows many times.

These types of men are quite irritating; they don’t have much to say, yet they never fail to phone you. The interaction with them is equally awkward.

9: He Wants To Say Something To You

Maybe he had a secret to tell you, which is why he called you so many times that day. You will observe that once he has revealed the secret that he wishes to reveal, he will rarely call you many times in a day.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!


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