Why Did He Block Me? (10 Most Probable Reasons)

Getting blocked by a guy whom you love a lot hurts really bad. I can understand it quite well because, in the past, I’ve also been blocked by many women.

After getting so many rejections and blocking so many accounts, I’ve gathered a lot of precious info which I’ll share in this post.

So make sure to read the entire post because you’ll be learning a lot today!

1: He Was Not Into You

Guys generally don’t block the girl they like. If he was into you, he wouldn’t block you at all. Just use your logic here.

Do you bock someone you like? If your answer is Yes, then it’s a bit strange, but if you said no, then you’re a normal person like anybody else.

When we like someone, we wanna see what they are doing in their life, and the best way to check their current status is by following their social media. Blocking someone we like will not help us in knowing what they are doing currently in their life.

2: He Is Upset About Something

Did you post a questionable picture or sent a bad message to him recently? If your answer is Yes, then here we go, you’ve got the reason why he blocked you.

Understand guys have emotions too. If you make him feel bad, he might take action like this.

Don’t play with his emotions, if you have his number say sorry to him and sort everything out. Talking is the easiest way to deal with problems.

Tell him that it wasn’t intentional, If he really likes you, he will forgive you easily.

3: He Might Have Caught You Talking To His Rival

Guys get jealous easily, especially, if the guy you’re talking to is his rival/enemy. You may have triggered him unintentionally.

Or maybe you’re following his enemy on social media and he has found it. If you like a guy, you should know whom he likes and whom he doesn’t. I’m not saying it’s really important in a relationship, but knowing what your partner hates or loves, would make your relationship even stronger.

Again, you can talk to him on call and sort out the problems. Clear all the doubts before it affects your relationship.

If you’re not in a relationship with him, then ask his friends to talk to him on behalf of you. If you really see your future with him, make efforts to clear out problems asap, this is the only way!

4: Maybe He Is Hiding His Past Relationships Pictures From You

Maybe he has uploaded a lot of pics of himself and his ex on social media and he doesn’t want you to look at them.

Chances of this are quite low but it might be possible. However, if it is the case, then it’s a positive sign because it indicates that he likes you and doesn’t wanna spoil everything by revealing his past life.

5: Maybe He Hates You

When a guy hates someone, he shows clear signals and one of them is blocking the account of the person he hates.

I’m not a psychology expert, but I wanna give a suggestion to you, “move on”, I know what you’re thinking, Ohh I can’t move on, I love him so much, It’s impossible, bluhh bluhh bluhh.

Why you’re loving someone who doesn’t care whether you’re alive or not. Show him your middle finger and start focusing more on your career, I’m pretty sure, you’ll see success in both relationships and wealth if you focus more on building your future better!

Running for a guy who hates you is a complete-time waste. Maybe he has already found a girl for himself. Just stop running after him!

6: Maybe His Freinds Has Influenced Him

Maybe one of his friends, said false rumors about you which forced him to block you on all social media. There is no shortage of people who do nothing but back bit#hing.

These mfs talk sh#t about every girl. Again, the best way to sort this out is by talking to him directly. Ask him the reason why he blocked you.

7: Maybe His Family Member Doesn’t Like You

Some guys obey their family members too much. Maybe his mom doesn’t like you and because of that he too that action.

Chances of this are low, but it might be possible.

8: He Needs Some Time Alone

Maybe he has blocked not only you but a lot of people. He is maybe going through a tough time and wants to distance himself from people to whom he is connected a lot.

If that’s the case, everything will become normal once he resolves the issues he is facing. The best thing you can do here is to leave him alone for some time everything will come back to normal.

9: Maybe He Doesn’t Wanna Live In Friendzone With You

If you’ve friend-zoned him, then it may make him block you on social media. He wanted a relationship with you, but you put him in the friend zone and now he doesn’t want to hurt himself anymore by living in a never-ending friend zone.

As you know, nobody likes to be in a friend zone situation, especially, if you really love him/her. It’s better to move on and look for a new opportunity. Waiting for friend zone to over is just a foolish idea.

10: He Is A Cheater

Maybe he has got what he was looking for. Maybe he just wanted an s#xual relationship with you and when he got that, he made up his mind to escape the relationship quickly.

Watch out for these types of guys, the world is filled with these filthy bastards. They can never be in a serious relationship and most guys like these don’t have emotions for girls.

Testing a guy’s loyalty is really important before proceeding into a relationship. If you don’t check the trustworthiness of a guy, you’ll end up with heartbreak.

Be smart, choose a nice man over a good-looking man for yourself always because beauty will leave one day but niceness lasts forever!

How To Know If Has Blocked Me Or Just Deactivated His Account Temporarily

If he has blocked you, then you wouldn’t be able to find his account but all the other people who are following him or are friends with him can easily find and interact with his account.

However, if he has deactivated his account, no one can communicate with him or find his account. It’s that simple!

How to control your emotions

Give yourself some time. Quite social media for some time and try to engage with friends and family members more.

Don’t listen to sad songs, instead, try Rap or motivational songs. Listening to sad songs will make you sadder. Look for things that make you happy.

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