How Does A Girl Feel When You Compliment HerHow Does A Girl Feel When You Compliment Her

Do you give compliments to girls a lot? or Are you about to compliment a girl on something? Well, this post can be really helpful for you because, in this post, I’ll explain how a girl actually feels when you complement them.

I’ll also inform you about what type of complete they like and from whom they like to hear compliments.

So make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info. Now let’s begin!

How Does A Girl Feel When You Compliment Her?

It highly depends on the girl and your relationship with her. However, these 9 common things that almost every girl feels when a guy compliments them. Let’s look at them one by one.

1: Happiness

Girls feel really happy from the inside, although they will do their best to hide the feelings, but happiness inside them will eventually make them laugh or smile at least.

We all feel happy when someone compliments us. It’s a natural reaction. Doesn’t matter how tough we act, a compliment can bring us our real natural happiness quickly.

That’s the power of a good compliment!

2: Some “Feel Good” Chemical Releases In Body

Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are the hormones that are responsible for happiness. They all get released in a female body when someone gives them genuine compliments.

The intensity of these hormones increases when they receive compliments from the guy they like/love.

3: Is He Lying

A lot of questions and thoughts arise in a woman’s mind when she receives a compliment, and the most obvious ones are “Does he really mean it? “I think he is lying” “Maybe he says this to every girl” “I’m not even that cute” ” I’m looking great today!”

4: Body Temprature Rises

A really good compliment can raise her body temperature. Yes, you read it right, you don’t need a muscular body, money, a great face, etc. If you know the art of communication, you can win her heart.

That is why you must focus on your communication skill, practice every day to make it better, it can not only attract girls but also can help you get success in your career.

5: Confidence

Your single compliment can raise her confidence. She will enjoy her day more, and the happiness she has gained from your compliment might help her fight all the stress she is going through.

The less stress she has, the more confident she will feel. According to NHS (Trusted Source), Stress and difficult life events, such as serious illness or bereavement, can have a negative effect on self-esteem.

6: Who Are You?

She will feel curious about you. She might ask some questions to you. Make sure to be confident and answer her every question with confidence because as you know, the first impression is the last impression.

Some girls might not show how curious they are to know you. It’s not a bad thing because some girls are shy in nature, they don’t open up that easily. However, shy girls enjoy compliments too.

7: Anger (If You’re a Complete Stranger)

She might feel a little irate, especially if you are a complete stranger to her, or if she is in a bad mood.

That’s why you should compliment only those girls who either know you or those who appear polite.

8: Blush

Blushing is another sign that your compliment has worked well. She might blush after hearing your compliment however, the compliment should be on point and very effective.

9: He Definitely Loves Me

Well, some girls are weird, they start to think that guy who gave them compliments definitely loves them. However, in most cases, it isn’t true.

Girls Don’t Like To Hear Compliments From Strangers

The biggest mistake that guys make is that they go on Instagram and start sending compliments to girls they don’t even know, eventually, they get blocked or get ignored forever.

You must not do that, have some respect for yourself. Only compliment those girls who are interested in you.

Also, the majority of girls only like to hear compliments from guys they like. Some girls might accept the compliment from a stranger (if he is way too handsome to be ignored), but a majority of girls won’t.

Girls Like Genuine And Simple Compliments More Than Filmy Compliments

“You got nice eyes” this compliment is far better than “Ohh my god, look at your eyes, they are like angels eyes”

You can read the post by Askmen about this. They have explained it quite well.

Don’t exaggerate your compliments.

Use short simple sentences, using complex/long sentences might make her laugh but she won’t take you seriously. It would make her think that you’re not honest, you’re lying.

I hope you liked this post!

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