Why Do Guys Melt When A Girl CriesWhy Do Guys Melt When A Girl Cries

Some women think that guys don’t have any emotions, their heart is made of rock, but the truth is, there many guys who are quite emotional.

In fact, the majority of guys are very emotional, but because of society, they try hard not to cry, especially, in front of people, otherwise, the world will not see them as manly.

Today’s women are quite intelligent or trickery, they know how to play with guys emotionally, and that’s why some girls weep crocodile tears just to get help from guys faster.

Emotional men fall into their trap quickly, they struggle to understand the gameplay.

In this post, I’ll share 7 reasons why guys melt when a girl cries. make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info.

Why Do Guys Melt When A Girl Cries?

All the points I’m about to mention are based on my experience and some research I did online. Thanks!

1: He Is Ethically Strong.

If a guy is melting for you while seeing you cry, it indicates that his parents have raised him right.

Guys like that are rare sadly, social media and x-rated videos have manipulated many men’s minds, and because of it, many have started disrespecting women.

Make sure to never take advantage of a guy who feels sad when you feel sad, it won’t be cool!

2: Emotional

The guy is emotional. He can understand how you’re feeling.

As I said, some guys hide their feelings just because they don’t wanna look weak, but if he is melting for you, then it tells that his emotional mind is stronger than his “What people will think” mind.

3: He Respects Women

He respects women and that is a quality you should look for before dating anyone.

Young men are losing respect for women nowadays, you may have heard a lot of news about that.

Women are moms, sisters, and wives, without them, life is impossible. However, there are some women who take advantage of the respect that society gives to them, they start to think that the world should respect them even if they are wrong, and some men don’t like that.

Because of those few women, every woman is losing respect in society.

4: Caring

He probably cares about you a lot. Caring is crucial in a relationship, without it the chemistry would not be strongest and that could lead to a breakup.

Finding a caring partner is difficult, especially, in a world where most guys care about physical relationships than emotional relationships.

5: He Loves You

Surprisingly there are many relationships that are working without love. The stress of money is killing love between partners.

If he falls for you every time you cry, it means he loves you deeply. If you love him too, it’s the right time to tell because telling how much you love your partner actually increases the bonding.

6: It Just Doesn’t Feel Alright

When we see a girl cry, it just doesn’t feel alright, that’s why we melt.

7: Girls Don’t Look Good While Crying

I’m lying, some girls do look good even if they are crying, but most don’t. And, we are gonna focus on the majority. Have you seen your face while crying?

Smile, laugh, and enjoy your life. Stop fooling men with your fake cry, haha!

I hope you liked this post!

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